The coronavirus outbreak puts electric car drivers in an advantageous position over internal combustion car drivers simply because many of them can use the cars, while solely relying on home charging.

Charging the car overnight at home is a very safe solution, compared to visiting a fuel station. However, charging at one of the public charging points is a different story and requires precautions, just like a visit at a fuel station.

A plug, a charging cable and in some cases also a touchpad, are major concerns because all those things could be previously touched by an infected person.

So what to do?

If there is no way to avoid public charging, then it would be smart to prepare a disinfectant and a paper towel and wash hands for at least 20-30 seconds before using the charging point, and after using the charging point.

The second option is to prepare disposable gloves (or any other sort of protective barrier) to not touch plugs, cables or the touchpad directly.

It would be smart to use a charging point far away from other users (if there is a choice at bigger stations).

Those who can use charging points, without authorization/touchpads (like at the Tesla Superchargers) are of course in a better position, as there is one less step involved.

Some charging operators, like IONITY, have released info about the COVID-19 crisis (full version here):

"We all have a responsibility to ensure that any risk of infection is minimised. It is es-sential that everybody follows government and health authorities’ advice concerning personal hygiene. The key recommendation is that everyone washes their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds regularly to minimise the risk of spreading infection. At our charging points we recommend customers cleanse their hands before and after use. Or use gloves to operate the touch pad and charging cable and plug. Many of our site partners have excellent washing facilities and provide disposable gloves. They also have staff available to advise customers who have any questions or concerns."

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