Even people that never had a Tesla now believe that getting a car from this brand repaired takes a lot of time. That’s due to the difficulty some owners report to make an appointment or even to get their vehicles fixed when they are already at the Service Centers. In this sense, this video from the 6 Months Later Reviews YouTube channel helps give that a different perspective. The Model 3 was back to work earlier than expected.

As usual, Teslacam registered precisely what happened with this poor EV. Josh Teder – the video presenter – did not want to block an intersection. When he stopped, the driver behind him – apparently in a Nissan Rogue – was probably checking the cell phone and rear-ended the Model 3.

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Teder took it to his local Tesla Service Center, expecting to be without it for quite a while, but it only took him four days to get the car back, as we already

Had the Model 3 been hit by a similar vehicle, damages would probably be limited to the rear bumper. The taller Nissan hit the Model 3 right in its trunk lid, and the repair cost the insurance company $2,5763.50. This may give us an idea of the costs that may arise from any fender bender involving the Model Y, which has a rear hatch design that makes it more prone to costly damages in similar situations.

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Are these values similar to those you would see from other manufacturers? Or is it low, what makes Service Centers save both money and time? Discuss that with our other readers in the comments below.

Video Description Via 6 Months Later Reviews On YouTube:

How long did it take Tesla to fix our damaged Model 3?  What did they replace? How much did it cost? How easy was it to work with Tesla Service? And after this experience do we still recommend getting a Tesla?

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