YouTuber Evgeni is clearly an avid Tesla fan. He's owned a Tesla Model 3 and Model X for some time, despite having a number of issues with the cars. If you check out his YouTube channel, you'll find that almost all videos are Tesla-related, aside from the one about him getting a Chevrolet Corvette C8 soon, and another about how GM screwed him out of that opportunity. You'll also find that he isn't afraid to report when he has problems with his cars.

Evgeni's most recent video is about his brand-new Tesla Model 3 Performance. He previously owned a 2018 Model 3, but this Performance car is only a week old. He's not too happy to report that the car is loaded with issues, but we certainly appreciate his honesty and the valuable information. 

Evgeni also admits that many of these same problems were present on his 2018 Model 3, as well as the Model X he still owns. We wonder why he bought another Tesla? Perhaps he thought Tesla had worked the bugs out? There have definitely been plenty of positive reports from Model 3 owners lately. However, there have also been issues. It seems the biggest concern with Tesla at this point is inconsistency.

Evgeni's list includes:

  • Touch screen failure (black outs)
  • Voice control barely works
  • Phone key and connection issues
  • Frunk missing parts

Tesla hasn't been very helpful with any of these issues. Evgeni says the company is in a hurry to push out cars and not focusing enough on fixing software issues. In addition, it's cutting corners by no longer including things like grocery hooks or the floor mat in the frunk. You have to purchase these now, and they're not cheap.

Nonetheless, Evgeni admits that he'll keep buying Tesla vehicles, since he believes in the company's mission, the cars are incredible to drive, and he's confident the automaker will be able to push past such problems over time.

Have you had any of these same issues? Leave us your comments below.

Video Description via EvgeniTalks on YouTube:

Everything Wrong With My Week Old 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance

I’m expecting this to be controversial! Yes I've only owned this Tesla Model 3 Performance for a week and there are MANY problems already.

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