Would you like to own a Tesla? There are likely many people out there who would quickly answer "yes" to this question. On the flip side, there are many others who have no interest in owning an EV and/or are skeptical about Tesla for one reason or another. Either way, it's important to help the community by providing information and pointing out the potential pros and cons of Tesla ownership.

Tesla doesn't advertise in the traditional sense. For this reason, while many of us who follow the EV space have a solid grasp of what the Silicon Valley automaker is up to, there are still many folks in the general public that may not be very well-informed. Moreover, unlike most traditional automakers, Tesla doesn't always provide exhaustive details about its vehicles that are easy to find and validate.

If you're planning to buy a Tesla Model 3Model YModel S, or Model X, we encourage you to take the time to do your homework. This doesn't mean spending all your time surfing Tesla enthusiast websites. It also doesn't mean you should pay too much attention to Elon Musk's Twitter account or the long list of people who spend their days promoting or harassing him. In the end, this all makes it quite difficult to separate fact from fiction.

What we're saying here is to carefully sift through all the available information, consult many sources, check owners' forums, etc. To get started, check out this video that highlights many of the many pros of Tesla ownership. Then, soon, we'll publish "Part 2," to fill you in on the cons. After watching both videos, you should be diligent in researching more and establishing your own informed decisions.

Do you already own a Tesla? If not, are you making plans to buy one in the future? Why? Why not? Scroll down and fill us in below.

Video Description via EvgeniTalks on YouTube:

The PROS Of Owning A Tesla In 2020

Tesla is taking over the automotive industry with their crazy fast, feature packed electric cars. Here are some pros of owning those cars. I've owned and driven all of the Models in their lineup and gathered some thoughts and opinions over the span of ownership. These are the Pros!

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