Popular Tesla owner, EV advocate, and YouTube influencer Ben Sullins (Teslanomics) dives into Tesla's superb marketing strategy surrounding the Cybertruck, and more specifically, how that inadvertent strategy works and how it compares to that of legacy OEMs, as well as the industry as it currently stands.

Today, while most companies would frown upon individuals "parading around" acting as spokespeople for their products, Tesla and CEO Elon Musk are on the opposite playing field. In fact, primarily due to the advent of social media — where the company and its CEO do all of their "advertising" — Tesla enjoys the lion share of its marketing "free of charge" from owners, fans, and the media.

Some may argue that Tesla's "we don't advertise" mantra is simply not true. However, the electric automaker doesn't advertise in the traditional sense in terms of the most elementary definition. It doesn't set aside a budget to dish out the big bucks for TV and radio spots, etc.

We often wonder how much impact traditional advertising might have on Tesla's success, but that's a different story for another day. We also wonder if a company like Ford could get away with just ceasing advertising of its F-150, since the vehicle is bound to sell well regardless, right? Could it just nix the ads and push that extra money toward future development?

If you haven't seen enough of the Tesla Cybertruck in all of its glory or, as some may argue, "hilarity," we've got a multitude of images for you below.

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Tesla's Cybertruck Marketing Pays BIG!

Analyzing how Tesla's Cybertruck marketing strategy paid BIG this year!

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