John Lennon said: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." Ironically, the COVID-19 pandemic shows "Beautiful boy" is very accurate for reasons we'd prefer never proven right. Plans have to change, and Ford's for the Mustang Mach-E are no exception. According to messages Norwegian clients are receiving, production will move to June or July instead of May.


With that, deliveries will also have to wait a little longer. Manufacturers that work with dealership networks usually start production two to three months before cars are handled to customers. OEMs have to make sure all dealers have the vehicles when it announces clients can go there to check the novelty for themselves.

The message Norwegian clients are getting confirms that: deliveries are expected to begin in November. You have already seen the message above, taken from the MachE Forum, and the Google translation is right below:

“Update on Mustang Mach-E  

As you know, the Mustang Mach - E offers a very good range for its various configurations, and soon your own Mach-E will be within reach too! Despite the challenging situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are now in full production planning and deliveries are scheduled to start in November 2020. To ensure the earliest possible delivery of your car, we recommend that you do not make changes to your pre-order, as this may result in some later production. If you still want to make changes, contact Ford’s Customer Service.  

Final type-approval data and thus also final prices have been somewhat postponed as a consequence of COVID-19. As it looks now, we expect this in place at the end of June/July, at which point you will also be asked to finally confirm your order, as well as to have the opportunity to order accessories and apply for financing. We emphasize that you can safely keep your pre-order – you can cancel this free of charge at any time until you confirm your order.” 

We have tried to contact Ford to confirm the message these Norwegian clients are getting. The company sent us the following statement:

"We’ll have more details to share on the timing of our upcoming all-new vehicles once we have safely brought our factories and facilities back online."

If deliveries start simultaneously in Europe and the U.S., as Ford previously stated, you already know when you will be able to drive your Ford EV: by the end of the year if the monster's gone and we can have no fear. We hope that is the case. Otherwise, plans will have to change again.

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