The Mazda MX-5 Miata is a sought-after two-seat convertible roadster. Sure, it's leaps and bounds from the iconic luxury roadsters of our time, but it's inexpensive in comparison. It's also incredibly agile, comfortable, and arguably attractive inside and out. There's one thing it's not, however, and that's lightning fast.

The Miata doesn't need to be ridiculously peppy. Thanks to its tiny footprint and lithe handling, it'll zip you around quite well. In addition, it's miniature size makes it difficult to put much more inside than a small, four-cylinder engine under the hood. Interestingly, it's not even turbocharged, though many owners have changed that on their own. A better solution would be to electrify the Miata, and that's precisely what Zero EV has set out to do. When it's all done, they may have a nice, fake Tesla Roadster on their hands.

The video above is an introduction to the Mazda Miata electrification project. You'll get an overview of the concept, as well as the parts (kit) that will be used. Below, we've included the second episode of this conversion, which is where the fun (and hard work) really starts. We'll be following the project through completion, so we'll keep you up to date.

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Video Description via Zero EV on YouTube:

Electric Mazda MX5 Miata EV Car Conversion - Overview kit - episode 1

Mazda mx5 Electric car conversion

We start the process of a Mazda Mx5 Miata NB NA conversion to electric EV power. Using a range of high quality components as follows.

Netgain Hyper9 motor 88Kw, 220nm torque and 120bhp

LG Chem 4p3s 2.6kwh battery modules x 10 giving a 26KWh pack -

6.6Kw charger from TC Elcon -

1.5kw DCDC converter -

Orion 2 - 36 bms battery management system with 1000amp current sensor and zero ev lvjb -

The system will be configured with a 26KWh battery pack in the front with our custom liquid cooling plates. Hyper9 motor will be coupled to the Zero EV 1.8:1 reduction gearbox and fit nicely within the original gearbox tunnel. The rear in place of the original fuel tank will be our 6.6Kw charger and DCDC converter.

Type 2 charge socket will be in place of the original fuel filler.

All parts can be purchased through

Electric Mazda MX5 Miata EV Car Conversion - Episode 2 - 3D Scanning, Fire & Cad Design

Mazda mx5 Electric car conversion

Now that we have started the process its time to strip down the base vehicle and make sure that we have a solid base thats in perfect condition to move forward. There is know point in spending the time to convert if the base is not right.

In this episode we have the engine bay and gearbox tunnel 3D scanned using a Artec Leo 3D scanner by Caged Laser engineering.

Strip all the arms and subframes off, remove the bushes, clean down and paint. Ready for Powerflex bushes to be fitted on episode 3.

Look at the 3D cad design using fusion 360 and how ever thing will be laid out.

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