California-based EV West, one of the most known electric vehicle conversion shop, was recently visited by Fully Charged's Jonny Smith, which as we remember also started from conversions, setting some quarter-mile records.

This episode presents all sorts of EV West projects, which usually gives old cars a second electric life, more power and a pleasant silent drive experience.

Today, when factory electric cars are getting better and better, many projects are converted using OEM parts (motors, battery modules) from crashed EVs.

The following episode is focused on test drives.

Video Description via Fully Charged on YouTube:

Amazing Electric Conversions - EV West | Fully Charged

Jonny Smith visited the electric vehicle conversion workshop of EV West in San Marco, California and spoke to Michael Bream about the amazing 'gas to electric vehicle conversions' that they have been perfecting ever since their BMW e36 electric conversion.

Needless to say, he rather enjoyed it. (Further test drive, burning rubber episodes to come shortly)

00:22 Alta Redshift MXR electric motocross bike

01:45 VW Baja Beetle (1953)

04:08 VW Campervan (1965)

06:02 Ewan McGregor's VW Beetle (1954)

09:42 Porsche 912 (electric car conversion kit Tesla)

11:42 Electric DeLorean conversion

13:53 DIY Powerwall solar storage battery

14:46 Electric Paragliding paramotor

17:17 Tesla drive unit testing rig

18:37 Tesla drive unit parts

20:42 EV West's electric BMW M3

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