Being the first Tesla ever to present a heat pump, the Model Y will be under scrutiny for a long time. The video above is probably the first one to show the electric CUV testing how effective its heat pump is when compared to what other Teslas had. The DÆrik YouTube channel chose a Model S to make this comparison.

Right at the beginning, the noise the heat pump makes was noticeable. That is probably why Tesla called Sandy Munro to tell him the heat pump compressor will be encased to deaden the sound it makes. As you may know, Munro & Associates are conducting an interesting teardown of the Model Y.

When the test advances, it is evident that the heat pump warms the Model Y cabin and other parts of the body faster and more widely than the Model S system. The ice sheet over the Model Y even slides down by itself.

When the test ends, Erik Strait makes a calculation that supposedly shows the Model Y spends more energy than the Model S in preheating the cabin. The problem with that calculation is that it compares very different situations.

Tesla Model Y And Model S Winter Test: Which Can Melt More Ice?

The Model Y has a larger volume in the cabin to heat. Strait sees it also heats the frunk, while the Model S does not. If the Model Y heats a larger space, it is natural that it spends more energy doing so, but even that is debatable.

The calculation was based on two things: the range the preheating would have eaten up and the size of each battery pack. If you remember, Tesla updated its cars to show a less precise range to ensure the vehicles have a “virtual buffer.” That may make the calculation useless since the vehicle could have spent less range than it actually informs.

Have a look at the video, at the calculation and tell us what you think below 

Video Description Via DÆrik On YouTube:

We had to test out the heat pump and see how efficiently it preheats the cabin of Model Y vs a Model S without a heat pump. The results were quite surprising and not what I expected at all. What do you want to see with the Model Y and the flir camera?

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