Since securing a Tesla Model Y earlier in the week, Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates hasn't wasted any time with his teardown of the vehicle. He's now posted five videos of the teardown procedure including this one that features Munro dissecting the brakes, the wiring, quick connects and the rear body structure. 

Part of what makes Munro's videos great in our opinion is that he seems genuinely excited when he sees something that he likes or views as innovative. Likewise, you can tell that he's disappointed when he comes across something that he believes should have been engineered or executed better.

In this latest installment, Munro is mostly impressed with what he sees, and he even seems a little giddy when he's explaining the corrugated wrap that Tesla used to protect the 12v wiring. He even states that he's never seen anybody use such a good wiring cover and states that the wires will never see a short. 

He then notes that the Model Y has quick-connect fittings which are expensive but are never leak, and are "100% all of the time". Munro then notes the Model Y's rear brakes are more heavy-duty than the ones used on the Model 3. He believes they are also made by Brembo, like the Model 3's brakes are, but won't know until he takes them apart. 

Finally, Munro talks a little about how he was critical of the Model 3's rear end construction because Tesla used many parts that he believed were unnecessary and he even offered Tesla some suggestions on how they could have designed it better.

As he inspects the Model Y's rear end construction, he notes that Tesla actually took the suggestions he gave them from the Model 3, and designed the Model Y's rear the way he suggested. Munro seemed convinced that he influenced tesla's Model Y construction, and was proud of that. 

He finishes up the video by saying "Stay tuned, we'll have lots more. We have a tremendous opportunity here to have a look at what I think is turning out to be a really fabulous vehicle"

And we'll be there when Munro posts he next video to bring it here to our community. Let us know what you think of this latest video in the comment section below. 

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