Munro & Associates have been willing and wanting to tear down a Tesla Model Y for a long time. The good news is that the time has finally come. The company created a YouTube channel called Munro Live, as well as the website And it promised to have the Model Y on April 1st, also known as April Fools’ Day. But make no mistake: this is no prank, as the pictures in this article and the tweet below show. That is definitely for real.

Why has the company chosen to start that on April 1st? Our guess is that it was the schedule they had for the car to arrive. It would probably be with them by April 1st, 2020, with a good safety margin. The tweet below shows the car has already arrived.


Knowing how serious these guys are, the idea that they would make a prank is highly unlikely unless they wanted to make this whole COVID-19 environment lighter. They probably will do that just by accomplishing what they have proposed to do: reveal all the secrets the Model Y – and Tesla – still hide from us.

Although it came with a design flaw that Munro & Associates will probably address in their tear down process, the car still has fascinating aspects to reveal.


Gallery: Munro’s Tesla Model Y Tear Down Begin On April 1st: It’s No Prank

One of them regards the “advanced manufacturing technologies” Elon Musk promised back in January. He was launching the Model Y program at Giga Shanghai, and we already know what that is: significant cast parts in the car’s structure. We just don’t know what role they play, but Munro & Associates will tell us that.

The second one relates to the wiring harnesses the Model Y has. Better said, the wiring harnesses it managed to save with its revolutionary new electric system. It promises to cut the amount of wiring needed in a car dramatically, as well as making it lighter and perhaps even more friendly to a higher level of automatization in manufacturing.

Munro’s Tesla Model Y Tear Down Begin On April 1st: It’s No Prank

Get ready for the Model Y tear down process. Munro & Associates promise to get it going live from April 4 until April 14. Make sure you subscribe to their channel and follow the website. In these times, that promises to be therapeutic.

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