Apart from Steinbauer’s Power Enhancing Module, there’s not much you can do to improve the performance of your Tesla. If you have a Model S 75D, for example, your only official choice is selling it to get a P100D. The owner of the 75D above is not the regular Tesla client. And he is friends with Rich Benoit and the Electrified Garage. These guys helped him swap the motor and battery pack of his car for those of a totaled P100D.

First, you should bear in mind that this is not a service the Electrified Garage offers typically. It cost the owner $9,000 alone, and they only did this to him because he is a good friend, able to get all the parts they would need. After all, he works with that. As Benoit puts it, it was a proof of concept for them as well.

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In case you intend to do something similar, you’ll have to find someone that really knows about Tesla vehicles and to get all the parts they mention that are necessary. Otherwise, you may have to follow the official choice to have more power. Another option is asking Steinbauer to develop more modules and solutions for performance improvement.

Another issue you may have down the line is Tesla’s new Unsupported Vehicle Policy. Benoit makes fun of the situation, saying he will report the VIN to Tesla. If the company discovers which car this is, it will most probably cut its supercharging and even fast charging capability. Especially when it sees how much cheaper this upgraded car was.

Can The Electrified Garage Upgrade a Tesla Model S 75D To A P100D?

What this video reveals is that this retrofit is possible. We’d even say it is desirable. We will just not tell you how much money this owner saved because we highly recommend that you watch this video and find it out for yourself. What we can say is that the final cost, in this specific case, was just a fraction of what even a used P100D presents.

Something else that is worth mentioning is that Benoit hints about what he is going to get to replace Delores: a combustion-engined car. This is something we feared that would happen, even if that was expected. He needs to travel around the country, and Tesla is not willing to revise its policy, which makes it impossible for Delores to supercharge. What a pity...

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