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March 2024 News Archive

Wind Tunnel Tests Tesla's Cybertruck Drag Coefficient Claims

2025 Polestar 4 Specs And Pricing Overview

Mountain Towing Test: Chevy Silverado EV Beats Cybertruck, Rivian R1T And Ford F-150 Lightning

Kia EV9 Charging Is Held Back By The Tesla Supercharging Network

Tesla Produced Its 6 Millionth Car

Polestar CEO: 'Crucial' Year Ahead With New SUVs, No Plans For Cheaper EVs

Mazda And Panasonic Finally Strike Deal On Cylindrical EV Battery Supply

A Quarter Of EVs Sold In Europe This Year Will Be Made In China, NGO Predicts

'It Really Stinks': Fisker Ocean Owners Feel Burned If Company Goes Under

Tesla Cybertruck Is ‘Heinously Ugly, But Also Plain Cool,’ Doug DeMuro Says In Review

Doug DeMuro Praises Fisker Ocean, Addresses MKBHD Review

BYD Expects To Increase Plug-In Car Sales By Over 20% In 2024

The VinFast VF8 Is ‘Behind The Times,' MKBHD Says In Video Review

Xiaomi SU7, China's Apple Car, Beats Tesla Specs At Chevy Bolt Prices

2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E Prices: Starting At $39,995, $60,000 For Rally Trim

Kia EV9 To Enter U.S. Production In May, Get Full Tax Credit By 2025

Tesla No Longer Accepts Fisker Ocean Trade-Ins

Ford Slashes Two-Thirds Of Its Workforce At F-150 Lightning Plant

Ford's $25,000 EV Platform Will Underpin Multiple Models: Report

BYD Launches Yuan Up Compact Crossover Starting At $13,400

Volvo’s Last Diesel Car Is Headed Straight To A Museum

The 2025 Volkswagen ID.7 Gets Two Trims, Both RWD And AWD, For U.S.

Home Charging Satisfaction Improves In The U.S., But Not Without Hiccups: Study

CATL Could Be Tesla's Secret Weapon For Its $25,000 EV

Hyundai Ioniq 5 And 6 Are Profitable; Company 'Studying' Range Extenders, CEO Says

Chevrolet Equinox Plus Is A PHEV That's Probably Headed To The U.S.

Here's How Difficult It Is To Clean A Tesla Cybertruck After A Long Road Trip

The Polestar 4 Aims To Be A $54,900 Electric Comeback Machine

Thank Toyota's Lobbying For The New, Looser EPA Emissions Rules

2023 Fisker Ocean Now Priced From $24,999

Gravity's 200kW Curbside Chargers Might Be A Gamechanger For Cities

Ford Explorer EV Goes On Sale In Europe With Up To 374 Miles Of WLTP Range

BYD Celebrates Production Of Its 7 Millionth Plug-In Vehicle

Alpha Motor Adds $36,000 Base Wolf Pickup EV To Its Long List Of Fantasy Models

All 2019 Jaguar I-Pace EVs Recalled Over Battery Fire Risk. Yes, Again

Tesla Full Self-Driving Version 12.3: More Human, More Risky

2025 Porsche Taycan Pricing, Specs Overview

Fisker On The Brink As NYSE De-Lists Stock Over 'Abnormally Low' Price

Fisker Ocean Vs. Tesla Model Y Drag Race Proves Power Isn’t Everything

All Teslas In The U.S. Will Get A Month Of FSD For Free This Week

This Chinese EV Could Be World’s First Mass-Produced Car With A Solid-State Battery

The Genesis GV60 Magma Packs 'A Couple Hundred Horsepower' Over Performance Trim

Genesis Neolun Concept: A Stunning Electric Full-Size Luxury SUV

The Genesis GV60 Magma Concept Is An 'Evil' Performance EV

Fisker Won't Get Reported Rescue Partnership With Nissan

Ceramic-Coated Tesla Cybertruck Beads Water, Is Easier To Keep Clean

Why Car Companies May Lose $6,000 On Each EV Sold For $50,000

Tesla Cybertruck Range Drops 60% Towing A Rivian R1T Over 86 Miles

Watch Tesla Cybertruck Take On A Dual-Track Bombardier Bombi In Tug Of War

Over 16,000 Tesla Supercharger Stalls Open To Ford, Rivian And Others: Exec

What The 2024 Election Could Mean For EV Tax Credits

Nissan's Comeback Plan Includes EVs 30% Cheaper Than Ariya, More Models

Only The Hyundai Ioniq 6 Has Everything 'Next-Wave' EV Buyers Want: Study

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 Is Now The Cheapest Car To Lease In The U.S.

Tesla Cybertruck Wholesale Prices Are Dropping Pretty Quickly

You Could Get A New Chevy Bolt For $8,000 In California

How The Cheapest Tesla Model 3 Compares To A $50,000 New One

Tesla Cybertruck Has Hidden Hardware For Wireless Charging

Tesla V4 Superchargers Are Now Being Deployed By Other Charging Networks

America's EV Drive Will Go Beyond The 2024 Election, Federal Highway Chief Says

Everrati Land Rover Series IIa Has Classic Charm But No Nasty Emissions

Tesla Cybertruck Completes Epic 4,500-Mile Cross-Country Journey With No Issues

Why The Tesla Cybertruck Isn't The Best EV Truck For Towing

Tesla Slows Down Production At Its Largest EV Factory In China: Report

Polestar EVs Can Recharge At Tesla Superchargers In China Ahead Of U.S. Access

Rivian Screens Now Display Live Charging Costs At Tesla Superchargers

The Fiat 500e, Which Is Only Sold As An EV, Might Get A Gas Engine Option Too

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Vs. The Competition: Specs & Pricing Comparison

BMW's Neue Klasse EVs Aim To Be Profitable As Gas Engines Get More Expensive

Tesla Launches Cybertruck-Inspired CyberHammer

Early Chevy Blazer EV Buyers Can Get Reimbursed Up To $6,520

What Biden’s New Car Emissions Rules Mean For You

World's First Tesla Cybertruck Teardown Shows Botched Door Hinge Install

NIO's New ONVO And Firefly Brands Aim For Mass Volume In Europe

U.S. Department Of Justice Alleges That Apple CarPlay Is Anti-Competitive

High Insurance Costs On Chinese EVs Are Scaring Away UK Buyers

Isuzu's D-MAX BEV Is The Compact Electric Truck You Really Want

Big Oil Is Unhappy With The EPA's New Rules

Shell Is Closing 1,000 Gas Stations To Focus On EV Charging

Fisker Ocean Slammed By Consumer Reports For Being An 'Unfinished' Product

Volkswagen's Cupra Brand Is Coming To The U.S. With Two EVs: CEO

Four Electric Pickup Trucks Were Driven Until They Died. One Over-Performed (Updated)

Tesla Giga Texas 4680 Battery Cell Production Reached A New Record

Volkswagen ID. Buzz GTX Is A Hot Electric Van With 335 HP And AWD

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X: Seriously Upgraded Battery And Tech, Controversial Looks

Subaru Can Do This Or Rivian Can Do It For Them

2025 Mercedes-Benz GLC Plug-In Hybrid Lands In The U.S.

Tesla Cybertruck's Open Tonneau Can Make A Big Dent In The Driving Range

Subaru And Panasonic's Cylindrical EV Battery Deal Is Taking Shape

The EPA’s New Emissions Standards Mean A More Gradual EV Transition

Xiaomi's New EV Will Let You Add Physical Buttons Below Its Touch Screen

Ferrari CEO: ‘Our EV Will Not Be Silent’

The Audi Q6 E-Tron May Also Have To Be Built In America To Satisfy Demand

Tesla Cybertruck Has The 'Worst Panel Gap' MKBHD Has Ever Seen

Watch How Easy It Is To Charge A Rivian R1T At A Tesla Supercharger

This Is How Much EV Charging The U.S. Will Need By 2030

The DOE Finalizes New Mileage Rules To Boost EV Sales

Apple Couldn't Build The Car Of The Future. But China's Tech Giants Already Have

Volkswagen's ID.4 Plant In Tennessee Seeks To Unionize With The UAW

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Owner Drove Almost 100,000 Miles. Battery Health Is 97%

Fisker Hits Pause On Production With 4,700 EVs In Inventory, Bankruptcy Rumors

There’s A Brand New Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series For Sale On Cars & Bids

Mazda To Trademark The ‘6e’ Name And Logo In Europe, Maybe For Electric Sedan

Ford's 'Skunkworks' EV Project Includes $25,000 Truck, Compact SUV: Report

NIO Switches Its Standard 75-kWh Battery From Hybrid-Cell LFP/NCM To All-LFP

Feds Probe Ford BlueCruise Following Fatal Crash

The 2025 Audi Q6 E-Tron In-Car Tech: PlugShare, Video Games, OTA Updates And More

2025 Audi Q6 E-Tron: Audi’s High-Tech Flagship Has Arrived

U.S. EV Registrations Accounted For 7.8% Of The Car Market In January 2024

The EPA May Finalize Tough New Rules To Boost EV Sales This Week

Rivian R1X Name Trademarked, Hinting At Possible High-Performance EV

For Car Companies, It's 'Damned If You, Damned If You Don't' With Investors

Here’s Your Chance To Own The First GMC Hummer EV Pickup EarthCruiser Camper

Rivian R1S And R1T Owners Can Now Charge At Tesla Superchargers (Updated)

All Tesla Model Y Trims Will Cost $1,000 More On April 1, 2024

Hyundai Motor Global EV Wholesale Sales Hit The Brakes In February 2024

Electric Volkswagen GTI For The U.S.: 'I Think The Car Would Sell,' CEO Says

Tesla’s Official India Entry Almost Confirmed Under New EV Policy

Mercedes-EQXX Covers 627 Miles On Single Charge With AC On

Plug-In Car Sales In Germany Weakened Again In February 2024

The New Tesla Model 3 Is 'Mind-Numbingly Boring,' Doug DeMuro Says In Review

Nissan And Honda Confirm They Want To Work Together On EVs

Tesla Model Y Shines In 2023 U.S. Vehicle Registrations, But Gas Trucks Still Dominate

Analysts Warn That Tesla's Next Growth Phase, Boosted By Model 2, Is Years Away

This Breakthrough Wireless EV Charger Reaches 100 kW Speeds With Near-Perfect Efficiency

A Rugged, XRT-Trimmed Hyundai Ioniq 5 Is Coming Soon

Volkswagen Is Expanding Its EV Lineup, But Not The EV Price War

Tesla Paid Executives More Than it Paid Taxes for Years: Report

The Rivian R2 Will Come With A Heat Pump And Optional Tow Hitch

Watch The Porsche Taycan Turbo GT Set A New EV Record At The Nurburgring

Global Passenger EV, Hybrid Battery Market Expanded 40% In 2023

Honda Might Team Up With Nissan For Cheap EV After Ditching Plans With GM

Fisker Is Preparing For Possible Bankruptcy: WSJ

Tesla Cybertruck Gets Creamed By Rivian R1T, Every ICE Off-Road Truck In This Test

How Ford CEO Jim Farley Convinced Elon Musk To Open Up Tesla Charging

Mini Aceman Leaked: 215 Horsepower And Up To 248 Miles Of Range

BYD Wants To Squash Range Anxiety With 1200-Mile PHEVs

Sony Afeela EV Concept Won't Let You Swear On Its Customizable Exterior Screen

New Volkswagen ID.3 GTX And ID.7 GTX Tourer Come With More Power, Sporty Looks

Bring On The Big Guns: Tesla Cybertruck Versus .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle

Rivian R3 Design Was Inspired By Some Of The Greatest Names In Rallying

Teslas Depreciate Way Faster Than Maseratis Or Alfa Romeos: Study

Cadillac Opulent Velocity Concept Teased As First V-Series EV

Volkswagen Group Reaffirms Internal Combustion Will Be 'Phased Out' Eventually

Polestar 3 Price Reduced By $10,500, Range Increased By Up to 15 Miles

BYD’s Quality Problems Hit International Markets: Report

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Costs $67,475

Volkswagen ID.3 Production Won't Expand Due To 'Low Demand': Report

Two Ford F-150 Lightnings Race 1,000 Miles: Tesla Supercharger Vs Electrify America

The Most Affordable 2024 EVs With At Least 300 Miles Of EPA Range

How China Became A Battery Manufacturing Juggernaut

Porsche 'Overwhelmed' By Orders For Electric Macan: CEO

Automakers May Be Sharing Your Driver Data With Insurance Brokers

Can This Detachable Cable Make Curbside EV Charging Less Annoying?

Tesla Hack Lets Bad Guys Create A Spare Key For Your Car In Seconds

New EV Prices Went Down Over $2,000 On Average In February

New Fiat 500e Versions Add Style, Luxury And Equipment

Tesla May Be Cracking Down On Cybertruck Flippers

The Audi Q4 E-Tron Just Got More Power And Range

This Right-Hand Drive Mail Van Is A Rivian Underneath

The Apple Car Was Basically A Volkswagen ID. Buzz With Autonomous Driving

EV Drivers Pay More In Taxes And Fees Than ICE Drivers In 36 States: Study

The 2025 Porsche Taycan Turbo GT With 1,092 HP Is Porsche’s New Performance King

Tesla’s $3,000 Cybertruck Rooftop Tent Reminds Us Of The Pontiac Aztek

Here's The Rivian R3 Driving Around Laguna Beach

The Tesla Cybertuck Has A Useless Rearview Mirror. Here's How To Remove It

Tesla Is Working On A NACS-To-NACS Extension Cable

Watch This Nickel-Covered Tesla Model X With Monster Tires Run Over A Limo

How GM Got The Chevy Blazer EV Back On The Road After 16,000 Miles Of Daily Testing

Tesla Model Y Transformed Into Factory-Built Two-Seater For Business

Here's Why The Rivian R2 And R3 Have The Charge Door On The 'Wrong' Side

The Chevy Blazer EV Is On Sale Again—With A Big Price Cut

Tesla Model Y Performance EPA Range Decreased To 279 Miles

2024 Acura ZDX Qualifies For $7,500 Federal Tax Credit

The ‘2023 Japan EV Of The Year’ Was A Chinese-Made BYD

Rivian Logs 68,000 Reservations For R2 In Less Than 24 Hours

Kia Global EV Retail Sales Improved By 48% In January 2024

Watch MKBHD Check Out The Rivian R2, R3 And R3X With CEO RJ Scaringe

Can Rivian Survive Until The R2 And R3 Are On the Road?

Rivian R2 Won't Get Air Suspension, Will Be Dynamically 'Better' Than R1

Rivian R3X: Say Hello To The Off-Road Focused R3

Rivian R3: Meet Rivian's Surprise Compact Crossover

Rivian R2: This Is It

Here Comes the Muscle: 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona Has Dealers In A Frenzy

Nissan Leaf Owners 'Abandoned' As They Lose Network Access. It's A Worrying Sign For Connected Cars

Watch The Tesla Cybertruck Climb The Famous Hell's Revenge In Total Silence

Watch The Rivian R2 Livestream Debut Here

Drivers Who Are 'Scared Of Change' Are Part Of EV Adoption Problem: Polestar CEO

The Tesla Cybertruck Charges At 327 kW From A Third-Party Charger, But Not For Long (Updated)

Video: GM Fights Back Against BYD With The Wuling Bingo Plus

Updated Tesla Model 3 Performance May Get A Big Power Bump: Leaked Docs

The Rivian R2 Is About To Be Rivian's Tesla Model Y Moment

Tesla Giving Away 10,000 Supercharging Miles In End-Of-Quarter Push

Global Plug-In Car Sales Started 2024 With A Bang: 1 Million Sold In January

Tesla Model Y Owner Turns In His Car, Doesn't Recommend Buying One Right Now

2024 Ford E-Transit Gets More Range And Faster Charging

The Nissan Leaf Regains Its Tax Credit Eligibility. But Is It Worth It In 2024?

EV Charging Needs A 'WiFi Moment,' ChargePoint's CEO Says

Jaguar Will End Production Of All Current Models Ahead Of Next Year’s New EVs

Only 1% Of 270,000 Surveyed Retail Locations Have EV Charging: Consumer Reports

2024 Kia EV9 Gets Up To $7,000 In Discounts

Why You Don't Underestimate Toyota In The Electric Race

Volvo Global EV Sales Hit A New Record Share In February 2024

Volvo's U.S. EV Sales Slow Down Continued In February 2024

2024 Honda Prologue Officially Qualifies For $7,500 Federal Tax Credit

BMW Will Pay EV Buyers $1,000 To Dump Their Tesla

Watch Tesla Full Self-Driving V12 Get Pushed To And Past Its Limits

The GMC Hummer SUV Is The First EV On This 'Meanest' Cars For The Environment List

A Great EV Fast-Charging Station Will Probably Be Like A Great Gas Station

BYD Cuts Prices In China, Goes To War Against ICE Cars And Tesla Too

2024 Dodge Charger Daytona Coupe And Sedan: Meet The First EV Muscle Cars

New York's Newest Public EV Charger Could Add 200 Miles Of Range In 5 Minutes

2024 Nissan Ariya Is Up To $6,000 Less Expensive Than The Outgoing Model

Europe To Automakers: Bring Back Buttons If You Want A Good Safety Rating

Hyundai Ioniq 6 Now Cheaper To Lease Than Sonata, Toyota Camry

Rivian R2 Starts At $47,000 With 330-Mile Range, Tesla NACS Plug: Leaked Info

Tesla Superchargers Come To Volkswagen In 2025 At The Latest (Updated)

Ford U.S. EV Sales Surged 81% In February 2024

Tesla Cybertruck Cuts Power In Tug-Of-War Battle Against Diesel Chevy Silverado

Jay Leno Thinks The New Tesla Model 3 Is A Great Deal For Under $40,000

BYD Global Plug-In Car Sales Dropped 36% In February 2024

EV Reviews Need An Overhaul. We're About To Do Exactly That

Tesla Cybertruck Crashes Into Cement Wall Outside Of Beverly Hills Hotel

The Insane Tesla Cybertrax Demolishes Snow And Ice

What Does Nissan Get If It Rides To Fisker's Rescue?

Tesla China-Made EV Wholesale Sales Decreased 19% In February 2024

The 2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5 Gets A Bigger Battery, More Buttons, Rear Wiper

Tesla Model 3 Owner Says New 2024 Highland Model 3 Isn't Worth The Upgrade

Europe: Plug-In Car Sales Increased About 25% In January 2024

Tesla Model Y Prices Return To Previous Level In March

We Tried Charging A Rivian And Chevy Bolt With Ford's Tesla Adapter

Why One Of Tesla's Toughest Critics Just Rescued Three Abandoned Tesla Roadsters

Lucid EVs Are Super Efficient Already. They Aim To Get Significantly Better

Hyundai U.S. Ioniq EV Sales Increased 40% In February 2024

Tesla Superchargers Cost More For Other EVs, Unless You Buy A Membership

Kia U.S. EV Sales Increased 65% Through February 2024

Ford Reportedly Bought A Tesla Cybertruck For $250,000

'We Are Catching Up': Toyota North America CEO On Where EVs Are Going

Tesla: It's Okay to Double-Park At Supercharger Stalls In A Non-Tesla

2023 Toyota Mirai Gets $40,000 Cash Incentive, Is Now Dirt Cheap

Consumer Reports Says Tesla Model Y Is The Best Electric Car Of 2024

Watch A Ford F-150 Lightning Charge Perfectly At A Tesla Supercharger

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