General Motors is handing out checks to customers who bought its Chevrolet Blazer EV before a price cut earlier this month. That's according to Edmunds, which has the electric SUV in its long-term test fleet and got a letter in the mail from Chevrolet regarding the refunds. 

Edmunds said it qualifies for $5,620 back, since the Blazer EV RS AWD it purchased got its base price chopped from $60,215 to $54,595. Customers who bought a Blazer LT AWD are eligible for up to $6,520 to make up for the discrepancy between old and new pricing. 

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The Chevrolet Blazer EV's rocky start

Chevy pulled the Blazer EV from the market late last year due to software issues that were first reported by InsideEVs. General Motors restarted sales earlier this month, cutting the Blazer's price by thousands across trims.  

Customers who bought a 2024 Blazer EV before March 7 of this year qualify for reimbursements, the letter said. A GM spokesperson confirmed that the reimbursements reflect the difference in old versus new MSRPs. Chevrolet had said earlier this month that early customers would get reimbursed.

Shortly after launching the Blazer EV last year, GM pulled it from the market due to software issues that were first reported by InsideEVs. GM spent months working on a fix before ultimately restarting sales in early March with reduced pricing. 

The reimbursement strikes us as an easy, relatively low-cost way for GM to make good with Blazer EV owners and show its early adopters that it won't leave them behind. Similarly, Ford issued refunds to Mustang Mach-E buyers after it cut prices last year. But not all automakers are so kind.

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Tesla has issued numerous drastic price cuts over the last year or so without compensating customers. Lower prices are great for buyers. But they're not so great when the Tesla Model Y Long Range you bought for close to $70,000 is worth $20,000 less basically overnight. 

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