Tesla's full self-driving, in its latest V12 version, does an exceptionally good job in very tough and challenging driving conditions.

However, it's still not perfect, which means that full self-driving is not yet a reality.

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Will full self-driving ever be a reality?

Tesla continues to promise that full self-driving is coming soon, but even in its latest V12 version, it's not quite there yet. However, V12 is the best yet, as this video shows.

The opening scene in the video above shows a Tesla navigating an extremely challenging construction area where both workers and large equipment are present. The Tesla slowly moves through the area while assessing the surroundings. When the Tesla approaches the backhoe, it appears as though there are just inches of clearance, yet somehow FSD manages to move through without error.

The rest of the video has some challenging turns onto tight sidestreets with vehicles stopped in the oncoming lane. Again, these spots seem extremely tight but FSD manages the situation most of the time.

YouTuber AI DRIVR, considered the best at honestly showing Tesla's FSD technology, is impressed with V12. He lists the following as the pros of V12:

  • Better speed control
  • Much less stress behind the wheel
  • No accelerator overrides needed
  • Awkward stops are completely fixed
  • Significantly better at using turn signals

And here are the cons of V12:

  • 3 critical disengagements during the drive (1 for handheld stop signs and 2 for unprotected left-hand turns)
  • 4 non-critical disengagements where the car kind of got itself stuck and needed some help from the driver

Tesla's And Elon Musk's Claims About Achieving Full Self-Driving

Musk has said several times that the company is very close to achieving full self-driving capability, but that has not happened. "I have been wrong about this prediction in the past, but I feel we are closer to it than we ever have been," Musk said in July 2023.

In August of 2023, Musk live-streamed a 45-minute drive of a Tesla Model S using the FSD V12 release. During that test, he said the system works like a human brain, using neural nets and eyes (cameras), as well as relying on artificial intelligence. He said in May that FSD V12 is "reserved for when FSD is end-to-end AI, from images in to steering, brakes & acceleration out."

As AI DRIVR suggests though, FSD is not ready for non-beta status until it can complete virtually every drive without disengagements and his latest test shows that FSD is not there just yet.

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