May 2014 News Archive

BMW Donates i3 For Brad Pitt's Make It Right Charity Gala

Revealed: Tom Moloughney's Custom Wrapped BMW i3

Trio Of BMW i8 Commercials

Mahindra Reva e2o Gets Host Of Options - Quick2Charge, Sun2Car, Car2 Home, Goodbye Fuel/Hello Electric

Tesla Model S Chases Lamborghini Gallardo - Video

$1 Billion Charging Infrastructure Project Will Enlarge Fast Charger Network In Japan

Saleen Tuned Tesla Model S To Be Sold In China Too

Electrifying Mini Superleggera Vision Concept: Real World Photos

General Motors Extends Collaborative Agreement With University of Michigan

Toyota Aims To Maintain Battery Research And Development Ties With Tesla

BYD Revenues Grow Together With Sales Of New Energy Vehicles

Just How Far Can A Chevrolet Volt Go On Electricity? How About 81.8 Miles

Tesla: Our Superchargers Have Delivered 5.8 Million kWh

Pure Electric Cars Sales In Europe Show Strong Growth In 2014

BMW i3 BEV - 102.5 Mile Road Trip With An Epic Mile High Climb

Provisional List Of The First 25 BlueIndy Car Sharing Locations In Indianapolis

Volvo To Test Electric Roads For Electric Buses

Recent Tesla Model S Meetup Teaser

Pure Electric Car Sales In Germany Up 25.8% Year Over Year in April

Sacramento Airport In Running For Tesla Gigafactory Location

Nissan ZEOD RC Exposed - Exploded Cutaway

Odyne Plug-In Hybrid Trucks Now Capable Of Providing Up To 36 kW Of Exportable Power

BMW ActiveE in DriveNow Car Sharing in San Francisco (Videos)

New 2015 Chevy Spark EV Stars In Google Pilot Program

Volkswagen Golf GTE to Have Mass Market Appeal - VW e-Golf a Niche Offering

BMW i3 BEV Owner Review

Arizona Office of Tourism Unveils Electric Vehicle Visitor’s Guide

Pure Electric Car Sales In Western Europe Grow To 3,880 In April

Tesla Model S Driven By Royalty At F1 Monaco Grand Prix

Fully Charged Presents Dale Vince, Founder of Ecotricity

Tesla Model S Chrome Delete - Video

ClipperCreek And Itron Introduce CS-40-SG2, A Not Dumb Charging Station

GreenWay Launches Quick Charging Network In Slovakia

BMW ConnectedDrive Shows Where Charging Stations Blink

EVolution: MiniE to BMW ActiveE to BMW i3

2014 Chevy Volt Displays 60 Electric Miles On Full Charge - Video

Gridscape Solutions To Help CarCharging Integrate Nissan DC Fast Chargers With Blink Network

Exclusive: BMW Provides Official Statement On Crushing Of ActiveEs

NRG eVgo EZ-Charge Goes Live This Summer

50,000th Nissan LEAF Delivered In US

Johammer Electric Motorcycle Looks Like A Snail, Yet Offers 124 Miles Of Range

VIA Motors Acquires Prodigy Engineering, Gains Cooling Tech

Fiat CEO on 500e: "I Hope You Don't Buy It" - We Lose 14k A Sale

CARB Rethinks Booting Tesla Model S and Cadillac ELR From Rebate Program

BMW i8 Seen Through Google Glass - Video

Tesla Model S Coupe And Coupe Convertible Available Through NCE From $35,000

Consumer Reports On Plug-In Hybrid Reliability - Ford C-Max Energi Plagued With Problems - Chevy Volt Above Average

2014 Nissan LEAF Recall - Missing Spot Welds? Entire Vehicle Will Be Replaced Free Of Charge

New Orleans Gets First Public Quick Charger Courtesy Of Nissan And Rouses Market

Track Version of McLaren P1 Plug-In Hybrid Coming Soon

Lightning Motorcycles Teases LS-218 Electric Superbike

BMW i8 Global Launch Campaign Starts Now

France Pure Electric Vehicle Sales Report April 2014

Giti Tire Develops Special Tires For Pikes Peak Monster's E-RUNNER

Tesla Model S Versus Samsung Galaxy S5 - Video

Electric Cars Clock 500,000 Miles On Electric Highway Over One Year Period

Zap Logs 25,000 Orders For Urbee and Sparkee EVs

EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Chevy Spark EV - Final Drive Ratio Moves Up To 3.87 - Battery Capacity Drops To 19 kWh

Video Of First Western U.S. BMW i3 Delivery

Here's How You Buy a Tesla Model S - Video

80th Anniversary Special Color Limited Edition Nissan LEAFs Now On Sale In Japan

Mahindra Celebrates Opening Of US Technical Center - Gears Up For Production of GenZe Electric Scooter

The Oatmeal Tesla Electric CruiseBeast Review

New Specs For 2015 e-Golf Released By VW, Launches Later This Year

Jay Leno Gets First McLaren P1, Drives The Heck Out Of It On Normal Roads - video

UQM Signs Electric Motor Supply Agreement With Light Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer in Turkey

Lord Drayson Launches Wireless Energy Business

Tesla Motors Receives Autocar Sturmey Award For Innovation And Achievement In Auto Industry

Nissan ZEOD RC Steering Wheel Controls - Video

Happy Mother's Day From The Mother Daughter Duo Who Install Chevy Volt Battery Packs

Dubai Getting Charged Up For Electric Vehicle Revolution

Proterra Launches 2nd Generation Electric Bus

Salt Lake City, Utah Gets Its First DC Quick Charge Station

Op-Ed: The Elephant in the EV Room, Part I: Let's Talk About It, Shall We?

Nissan LEAF Responsible For Increase In Nissan Fleet Sales

The Fast Lane Car Reviews Cadillac ELR - 0 To 60 MPH Tested - Video

BYD Receives Record Bus & Taxi Order; 2,000 Buses And 1,000 Taxis!

Nissan LEAF, VW e-up! & BMW i3 Lead Norway Electric Vehicle Sales in April

Tesla Model S Underbody Shields - Installation Complete

BMW i8 - Electric Driving - Video

Here's Where Owning An Electric Vehicle Really Pays Off

MotorTorque Tests BMW i3 REx - Video

Tesla Motors CEO Meets With Petroleum Refiner Sinopec to Discuss China's Charging Infrastructure

In The Spotlight: Nissan LEAF Production in Sunderland, UK

BMW i3 BEV Or BMW i3 REx - Range Of Future BMW EVs Depends On Which Version Sells More

BMW i8 Malfunctions While Lapping Nurburgring - Video

Tesla Model S Demand Still Strong

Audi Ditches Gas-Only A3 Hatchback - Will Offer PHEV and TDI Only

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Pulled Over For Speeding - Johnny Depp Tells The Unusual Story

General Motors Chimes In on Whether Or Not It Considers The Chevrolet Volt A Success

Tesla Model S P85+ Hard Rock Edition - Video

James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine On Display At Tesla Motors Design Studio

Here's How to Properly Jack Up a Tesla Model S - Video

Chevrolet Small Car Sales Up 15.4% in Q1 2014, But Chevy Volt Sales Are Down

BMW Announces Delivery Of First US i3

BREAKING: Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Gets Optional Range Boosting Package (Up To 30% More)

Tesla Model S Stretchla Project Update - Videos

BMW i3 Gearless - Video

Can This Volcano Charge a Nissan LEAF? - Video

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