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May 2014 News Archive

Mahindra Reva e2o Gets Host Of Options - Quick2Charge, Sun2Car, Car2 Home, Goodbye Fuel/Hello Electric

$1 Billion Charging Infrastructure Project Will Enlarge Fast Charger Network In Japan

General Motors Extends Collaborative Agreement With University of Michigan

Just How Far Can A Chevrolet Volt Go On Electricity? How About 81.8 Miles

BMW i3 BEV - 102.5 Mile Road Trip With An Epic Mile High Climb

Pure Electric Car Sales In Germany Up 25.8% Year Over Year in April

Sacramento Airport In Running For Tesla Gigafactory Location

EVolution: MiniE to BMW ActiveE to BMW i3

Gridscape Solutions To Help CarCharging Integrate Nissan DC Fast Chargers With Blink Network

Exclusive: BMW Provides Official Statement On Crushing Of ActiveEs

NRG eVgo EZ-Charge Goes Live This Summer

50,000th Nissan LEAF Delivered In US

Fiat CEO on 500e: "I Hope You Don't Buy It" - We Lose 14k A Sale

CARB Rethinks Booting Tesla Model S and Cadillac ELR From Rebate Program

Tesla Model S Coupe And Coupe Convertible Available Through NCE From $35,000

2014 Nissan LEAF Recall - Missing Spot Welds? Entire Vehicle Will Be Replaced Free Of Charge

BMW i8 Global Launch Campaign Starts Now

Electric Cars Clock 500,000 Miles On Electric Highway Over One Year Period

EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Chevy Spark EV - Final Drive Ratio Moves Up To 3.87 - Battery Capacity Drops To 19 kWh

GM Shifts 2015 Chevy Spark EV Battery Production In-House - Pushes A123 Out

New Specs For 2015 e-Golf Released By VW, Launches Later This Year

Jay Leno Gets First McLaren P1, Drives The Heck Out Of It On Normal Roads - video

Lord Drayson Launches Wireless Energy Business

Nissan ZEOD RC Steering Wheel Controls - Video

Happy Mother's Day From The Mother Daughter Duo Who Install Chevy Volt Battery Packs

Op-Ed: The Elephant in the EV Room, Part I: Let's Talk About It, Shall We?

Tesla Model S Underbody Shields - Installation Complete

BMW i3 BEV Or BMW i3 REx - Range Of Future BMW EVs Depends On Which Version Sells More

Here's How to Properly Jack Up a Tesla Model S - Video

BMW Announces Delivery Of First US i3

BREAKING: Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Gets Optional Range Boosting Package (Up To 30% More)

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