We love us some "how to" videos, especially when focused on something most Tesla Model S owners will need to know at some point during their travels.

This particular "how to" video focuses on properly jacking up a Tesla Model S.

The Model S is unique in that it has specific jack points that must be utilized.  Additionally, the Model S needs to be lifted using an apparatus (jack stand plus jack point insert) similar to what you'll see in the video.  This prevents damage to the Model S' battery pack.  If you make a mistake here, the damage could be costly.  However, this video shows exactly how it should be done.

So, if you think you'll ever need to jack up your Model S, then you ought to check out this video.

As always, proceed with caution or take your vehicle to a certified Tesla technician if you're unsure of how to correctly pull off this procedure.

Tesla Model S Lift Points


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