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April 2024 News Archive

California Has One Fast Charging Station For Every Five Gas Stations

Tesla Has Already Canceled Four Planned Supercharger Sites In New York City

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Successfully Test 1,000 kW EV Charging

Here’s Why BYD Is Charging Twice The China Price For EVs Sold Abroad

Tesla Axing Its Supercharger Team Puts The Entire Industry In The Dark

California's Plug-In Car Sales Continued To Increase In Q1 2024

Volvo EX30: 9 Things You Might Hate About This Compact Electric SUV

'Hardcore' New Tesla Layoffs Leave You Wondering What Tesla Even Is Anymore

Even Chinese EV Companies Are Struggling

Mercedes Says 'No Thanks' To The Apple CarPlay Takeover

Americans Are Open To Cheap Chinese Cars. That’s 'Scary' For The Rest Of The Auto Industry

Rivian Reveals New Charger Design That Works With Other EVs

Tesla Wants To Turn Cars Into 'Amazon Web Services' On Wheels. Here's How

Watch Volvo EX30 Twin Motor Drag Race A Tesla Model Y Performance

Elon Musk Goes To China, Brings Home A Win For Tesla's Full Self-Driving

Polestar 5 Prototype Charges 10-80% In 10 Minutes At Over 370 KW

Tesla Model 3 Performance's $1,000 Price Jump Suggests Strong Demand

Watch Porsche's Portable DCFC Charger Juice Up The Macan Electric

Volvo EX30 AWD Performance Long-Distance Driving Test Shows What To Expect

Month Of Hell: Tesla Cybertruck Owner Frustrated By Quality Issues

Modded Tesla Cybertruck and Toyota Land Cruisers Explore Death Valley

Would You Pay $70,000 For A 2.5-Second Rivian R2? Rivian Wants To Know

Volvo EX30: 10 Things To Love About This Compact Electric SUV

All Rivians Under The $80,000 Price Cap Qualify For $3,750 Federal Tax Credit

This 2018 Tesla Model S Drove 413,000 Miles With Its Original Battery

Tesla Autopilot Linked To 13 Deaths, Hundreds Of Crashes In New Investigation

Tesla Cybertruck Teardown Continues With A Look At Its Steer-By-Wire System

Hyundai Kona Electric Now Cheaper To Lease Than Gas Kona

Big Investments From Toyota, Honda Prove EVs Are Far From 'Done'

CATL’s Latest LFP Battery Can Gain 370 Miles Of Range In 10 Minutes Of Charging

Hertz To Sell Off Even More EVs As Depreciation Losses Mount

Elon Musk's Self-Driving Promises Are Getting Old

Tesla Cybertruck’s Battery Can Power A House. Owner Quoted $30,000 To Make That Happen

You Can Lease An EV For As Low As $56 A Month In Washington State

Honda Will Spend $11B To Build EVs, Battery Packs In Canada

There’s A Tesla Model 3 Performance Drivetrain Hiding Inside This Toyota Tacoma

Elon Musk Says Tesla Is An A.I. Company. He Should Let Someone Else Make The Cars

Tesla's Annual EV Production Capacity Is Set To Reach Almost 3 Million Units

The Mazda EZ-6 Is The Electric, Rear-Wheel-Drive Mazda Sport Sedan We Want

2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance Shows What It’s Made Of On Canyon Roads

You Can Get A Big Discount On A Genesis EV Right Now

The Volkswagen Group Comes Out Swinging With 44 Cars At The Beijing Auto Show

We've Made Some Changes To How Comments Work At InsideEVs

Fisker Ocean Extreme Gets Close To 300 Miles In Video Range Test

The 2025 Polestar 4 Goes On Sale In The U.S. Starting At $56,300

Tesla Battery Energy Storage Deployment Hit 4 GWh In Q1 2024

Ford Will Build Profitable, Affordable Sub-$30,000 EVs

Production Kia EV3 Compact EV Reveals Its Silhouette In First Teaser

Modern EV Batteries Rarely Fail: Study

Teslas Have Cheapest 10-Year Maintenance Costs: Consumer Reports

MKBHD Says The Toyota BZ4X Is A Good Electric Car With One Big Flaw

We're At This Year's Beijing Auto Show. What Do You Want To Know?

Elon Musk Is Bored Of The Car Industry. That's A Problem For Tesla

Fisker Burned Through Nearly $1 Billion In 2023

Tesla Is Losing Market Share. This Is How Much It's Down

Hyundai Motor Group U.S. EV Sales Outpaced Ford And GM In Q1 2024

The 2024 Beijing Auto Show Is Here And Everybody Wants A Piece

The Mini Aceman Is An Electric City Crossover With Up To 252 Miles Of WLTP Range

Tesla Model 3 Performance With 103,000 Miles: Battery Health And Range Revealed

Tesla Supercharging Station Deployment Accelerated In Q1 2024

2025 BMW i4 Gets A New Face And Laser Tail Lights

The Volvo EX30 Is Already A Sales Hit

Future Electric Mercedes Cars Will Be Named 'With EQ Technology'

Volkswagen ID. Code Concept Has A GTI Robot Vacuum Cleaner That Picks Up Your Mess

Mercedes-Benz G580 With EQ Technology: A Quad-Motor Electric Off-Roader With Old School Vibes

Tesla Says New Vehicles, Including 'Affordable' Models, Are Coming. Musk Has Few Details (Updated)

Tesla Plans Combination Of 'Airbnb And Uber' With Robotaxi Fleet (Updated)

The Tesla Model 3 Performance Is Actually Cheaper Than The Long Range Because Tax Credits

The Tesla Robotaxi May Be Called The 'Cybercab'

Watch MKBHD's New Tesla Model 3 Performance First Look Video

Tesla Q1 2024 Earnings Report: Revenue, Profit And Operating Margins Down

Watch Tesla's Q1 Earnings Report Call Live Right Here

GM's Ultium Electric Car Revolution Might Just Be Back On Track

Struggling EV Startup Fisker Could Go Bankrupt Within 30 Days

Ford F-150, Honda Accord Most Traded In Vehicles For Used EVs: CarMax

2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance Revealed: 510 Horsepower, 0-60 In 2.9 Seconds, $53k

New York City’s Electric Rideshare Cars Surpass Two Million Trips In March

Tesla Faces Its Most Important Earnings Call In Years. Here's What Investors And Fans Want To Know

Rivian R1 Gets Up To $5,000 Off When You Trade In A Toyota 4Runner

Judgment Day Arrives For Elon Musk And Tesla

Kia EV9 Price Cut By $7,500 With New Discount Offer

TeslaCam Catches Bystanders Rescuing Driver From Flaming Car On The Highway

Autopark For Tesla Vision Is Very Slow But Parallel Parks Like A Pro

Smart Concept #5 Previews Brand’s First Midsize Electric SUV

The Hyundai Kona Electric Now Starts At $26,550 Thanks To A New Deal

U.S. Non-Tesla EV Sales Slowed Down In Q1 2024, But There Are Some Clear Winners

VW Is Launching A New EV Truck Brand. Its Dealers Are Pissed They Might Get Cut Out

BYD Shark Is China’s New Plug-In Hybrid Pickup Truck

Electric Cars Will Soon Outnumber Gasoline Cars In Norway

There’s Now One EV Fast Charging Station For Every 15 Gas Stations

Tesla Sales Declines Put U.S. EV Registrations Into The Red For First Time Since 2020

Tesla Drops Full Self-Driving Price From $12,000 To $8,000

PepsiCo Ordered 100 Tesla Semis In 2017. Tesla Delivered 36 So Far

Tesla Investors To Musk: 'At Least Appear To Make Tesla Your Top Priority'

The Volvo EX30 Takes On The Hyundai Kona Electric And The Winner Isn't Obvious

Tesla Cybertruck Tows An Electric RV That's Controlled Like An RC Car

AccuWeather Calls Out Tesla Cybertruck Caught In New Orleans Storm

The Tesla Model Y Is Now Cheaper Than Ever

Kia Affordable Subcompact EV Crossover Seen Testing (Updated)

Voltpost Introduces Lamppost EV Charger For Major Metro Areas

The Volkswagen ID.4 Will Soon Be A Union-Made EV

Tesla Cybertruck's Pedal Fix Isn't Pretty But Deliveries Can Resume

Most U.S. EVs Are Expected To Be In Suburban Areas In 2030

The Aptera Solar EV Looks Ready For Production In New Videos

Plug-In Car Sales In Germany Down 22% In March 2024

Stock Lucid Air Sapphire Beats Tesla Model S Plaid’s Drag Time, Sets New Record

Tesla Model 3 Lease Price Goes Down To $299 Per Month

‘No Incentives For You,’ Mexico Tells Chinese Carmakers After U.S. Pressure

Affordable Kia EV3 Will Put Kia Ahead Of Countless Rivals: Exec

All Tesla Cybertrucks Recalled Because The Accelerator Pedal Can Get Stuck

Kia Global EV Retail Sales Hit A New Record In March 2024

Jeep Pondering Gas-Powered Recon And Wagoneer S As It Seeks 1M Sales This Year

Volvo EX30 Twin Motor Performance Slightly Disappoints In Video Range Test

Toyota's Hydrogen Future Is Crumbling As Owners File Lawsuits, Call For Buybacks

GM's $7,300 Vehicle-To-Home Bundle Can Power Your House For Almost A Month

Tesla Just Laid Off 10% Of Its Workforce. Now Elon Musk Wants More Money

Volkswagen’s Upcoming Cheap EVs In China Will Use Xpeng Tech

VinFast Delivered Almost 10,000 EVs Globally In Q1 2024

The Three-Row Toyota Highlander Is Going Electric: Report

Upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance Packs Adaptive Suspension, Over 500 HP: Website Leak

Mercedes-Benz Electric Car Sales Weakened In Q1 2024

Tesla Tested 'Crab Walk' Tech For The Cybertruck, But Found It Useless

You Can Get Up To $10,500 Off When Buying A New BMW EV

Watch A Tesla Model 3 And Porsche Taycan Drive Down Flooded Streets In Dubai

Lotus Eletre Super SUV Priced From $107,000 In The U.S.

The EV Industry Has A Battery Oversupply Problem

Google Maps Is About To Get A Lot Better For EV Charging

How The New Porsche Taycan Became An Efficiency Monster With Crazy, Tiny Tweaks

BMW's 'Soul-Searching' After The i3 Led To EV Success Today

Top EV Carmakers By Sales In Q1 2024: Tesla Vs. BYD

The 2024 Lucid Air Grand Touring Gets Faster Charging, Still 516 EPA Miles Of Range

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Goes Back On Sale After Two-Month Hiatus

Jaguar-Land Rover To Sign EV Platform Sharing Deal With China’s Chery

BYD Yuan UP Is Good And Cheap: Video

U.S. Hydrogen Car Sales Plummet By 70% In Q1 2024

Honda's Ye Series Sub Brand Aims To Take On China, Maybe The World

'We Don't Want A Horsepower War': Hyundai N Boss On Performance EVs

Cars With Level 3 Driving Assist Banned In British Columbia

Audi’s New High-Tech Lights 'Talk' To Other Drivers

Average EV Prices Up Slightly Last Month But Still 10% Lower Than Last Year

Tesla Wants To Pivot To Robotaxis. It Still Won't Answer One Key Question

Fisker Now Has Six Dealers In The U.S.

Tesla Engineers, Technicians, Sales Staff, Recruiters Hit By Layoffs In U.S. And China

Amazon Installed Over 17,000 Chargers For Its Rivian Electric Van Fleet

2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 Gets 440 Miles Of Range, Higher Towing Capacity, Lower Price

Tesla Might Pivot To Robotaxis. Does It Have A Death Wish?

2025 Mercedes-Benz eSprinter Gets New Smaller Battery Option At A Lower Price

The Affordable Kia EV3 Will Be Released This Year

Tesla's NACS To CCS1 Adapter Works Great, But Has One Flaw (Updated)

2025 Maserati GranCabrio Folgore: Finally, A New Convertible EV

One-Third Of U.S. EV Sales In Q1 2024 Were Tesla Model Ys

Here’s Your First Look At The Cadillac Optiq’s Interior

Maserati Ramps Up Its Electrification Plans, With One Big Caveat

China Paid Billions In Aid To Local EV Makers, Including Tesla, To Dominate The Market: Study

Alfa Romeo Milano Now Named ‘Junior’ Because Of Italian Law Protecting Cheese

Tesla's Top Engineering Exec Departs As 10% Of Workforce Gets Cut

The U.S. Paid $580 Million In Point-Of-Sale EV Tax Credits So Far This Year

Rivian's Latest Software Update Actually Rates Public Charging

Ultimate Tesla Drag Race Features Every Performance Version Of Model S And X

Tesla Cybertruck's Stuck Accelerator Pedal Problem Creates 6,800-Pound Land Missile

Genesis U.S. EV Sales Increased Slightly In Q1 2024

'Charges Faster Than Any EV We've Tested': Chevy Silverado EV Impresses In Test

The Huge Screen In BMW's Future Electric SUV Is Surprisingly Cool

Tesla May Be Headed For Massive Layoffs As Woes Mount: Reports (Updated)

Hyundai Motor Global EV Wholesale Sales Continued To Decrease In March 2024

One Year Depreciation: These 8 EVs Lost 28% Or More Of Their Value

Couple Loves Tesla's Cybertruck, But Not The Basecamp Tent

Tesla Slashes FSD Subscription To $99 A Month

'Full Self-Driving' Teslas Keep Slamming Into Curbs

Chinese Electric Cars Are Clogging European Ports: Report

Volkswagen Group Global EV Sales Slid In Q1 2024

European Commission Report Finds Big Gap Between Real-World And WLTP Figures

Ford Mustang Mach-E Had BlueCruise On During Fatal Texas Crash, Investigators Say

Tesla Driver Protects Cyclist From Wolf In Romania

Tesla Cybertruck Fast Charging Improvements Coming This Quarter

Honda’s Ohio-Based EV Hub Is Due To Open In 2025

Here’s How Much Range This Tesla Model S Has After 450,000 Miles

Mercedes-AMG 1,000+ HP Electric Super-SUV Reportedly Coming In 2026

Porsche Taycan Sales Cut In Half In Q1 2024, New Version Is Coming In April

Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD With 372 Miles Of WLTP Range Goes On Sale In Europe

Polestar EV Sales Are Down 40% Again In Q1 2024

BMW Group Electric Car Sales Increased By 28% In Q1 2024

GM’s Cruise Resumes Robotaxi Testing But Without The Robotaxi Tech Enabled

Aston Martin Delays First EV, Will Sell PHEVs Into The 2030s

Porsche Taycan U.S. Sales Weakened In Q1 Ahead Of 2025MY Launch

The Alfa Romeo Milano Is A Small Crossover With Up To 254 Miles Of WLTP EV Range

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Prices Slashed By Up To $5,500

Dozens Of Tesla Model 3s And Model Ys Just Landed In Chile

Tesla Model X Beats Cybertruck In Towing Range Test

Mercedes-Benz U.S. EV Sales Surprisingly Decreased In Q1 2024

Fiat North America's Future Models Will Come Into View On July 11

We Check Out The Highest Powered EV Charging Station In The U.S.

Toyota bZ4X, Subaru Solterra Top Doug DeMuro’s List Of Worst New Cars On Sale

Updated 2025 Mercedes-Benz EQS Tones Down Looks And Goes Farther

You Might Be Able To Lease A Tesla Model Y RWD For Around $300 A Month

Global Plug-In Car Sales Increased 3% In February 2024

Tesla Model 2 Demise Won't Matter, Affordable EVs Are Already Here: Analyst

You Can Now Use Plug & Charge With Over 50 EVs At EVgo’s DC Fast Chargers

Tesla's Supercharging Network Set To Rake In Piles Of Cash

Someone Paid $262,500 For This Tesla Cybertruck At Auction

Tesla Cybertruck Teardown Finds A Lot Of Unused Space Inside Battery Pack

Half Of All Tesla EVs Are Made In China

Lucid Air Deliveries Hit New Record In Q1 2024

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Robotaxi Passes Simulated Driving Test In Las Vegas

GM’s Ultium EV Tech Might Power NASA’s Next Vehicle On The Moon

The Updated 2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E Is Now Available For Online Order

Tesla’s Prefabricated Supercharger Units Can Go Online Four Days After Being Delivered

BMW And Rimac Sign Partnership For Next-Gen EV Battery Packs

Study Says 55% Of Used EVs Were Listed For Less Than $30,000 In Q2 2024

Tesla Will Spend 10 Billion Training Full Self-Driving

The $79,995 Base GMC Hummer EV Is Reportedly Dead

Tesla Settles Autopilot Death Lawsuit Hours Before Trial Began

Tesla's New Largest Supercharger Will Have 200 Stalls

The Gap Between Tesla's EV Production And Sales Widened Significantly In Q1 2024

Lucid Offering Almost $30,000 Off Airs In Its Inventory

Polestar Doesn’t See Tesla As A Rival, Has Its Eye On Porsche Customers

Tesla Delays The Affordable EV Dream

Watch Volvo EX30 Twin Motor Drag Race A Tesla Model 3 Long Range

These Graphs Show How Much Tesla Is Struggling To Sell Cars Right Now

The U.S. Won’t Let China Flood Its Auto Market, Treasury Secretary Says

The 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Is More Expensive To Lease Than The Blazer EV

Kia Wants To Step Up Its Hybrid And Plug-In Hybrid Game

U.S.' King Of Plug-In Hybrids Set Another PHEV Sales Record In Q1 2024

E.C.D.'s EV Powertrain Doesn't Require Any Structural Changes

Toyota U.S. Plug-In Car Sales Almost Doubled In Q1 2024

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV U.S. Sales Stable In Q1 2024

Lucid Air, Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model S Top The 10 Most Popular Luxury EVs

Tesla Cybertruck Owner's Likes And Dislikes After 4,000 Miles

Tesla Model Y Driver Survives Deadly Construction Accident

Europe: Plug-In Car Sales Increased 10% In February 2024

BMW U.S. All-Electric Car Sales Improved 63% In Q1 2024

Cybertruck Teething Issues Have Tesla Owners Calling Tow Trucks

Which Electric Cars Come With A Free Or Discounted Level 2 Home Charger?

Elon Musk Says Tesla Robotaxi Will Be Revealed On August 8, 2024

Updated Zeekr 001 EV Charges From 10 To 80% In Under 12 Minutes

Tesla Discounts Model Y Up To $7,500 To Clear Biggest-Ever Stockpile

Nissan To Slash EV Production Cost By 30%, Says U.S. CEO

Reuters Says The $25,000 Tesla Is Dead. Elon Says They're Lying

Volvo Global EV Sales Hit A New Record In March 2024, Thanks To The EX30

Tesla Sold 89,000 China-Made EVs In March 2024

Volvo's U.S. EV Sales Were Still Pretty Low In Q1 2024

Polestar 7 To Succeed 2 In Brand’s Next-Generation EV Portfolio

Subaru U.S. EV Sales Weakened In Q1 2024

A Chevy Silverado EV Just Went 460 Miles On One Charge

WeRide Robosweeper S1 Claims To Be The World’s First L4 Driverless Sweeper

Nissan U.S. EV Sales Remain Stable At Over 5,000 In Q1 2024

Tesla Is Starting To Slip

Audi U.S. Electric Car Sales Improved 29% In Q1 2024

BYD Releases Camouflaged Photos Of EV Truck For Global Markets

Stellantis CEO Wants To Put EVs On A Diet

The Rivian R1T Is The Only Pickup Truck With A Top Safety Pick+ Rating From IIHS

UPDATE: This 1.24 Million-Mile Tesla Model S Is On Its 14th Motor, Fourth Battery Pack

Ford Delays EV Pickup And Three-Row Electric SUV To Focus On Hybrids

2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV RST Gets 440-Mile Range And Is $10,000 Cheaper

BMW Somehow Sold A Brand New i3 In 2024

Ford Mustang Mach-E Sales ‘Catching Fire’ After Huge Price Drop

U.S. Volkswagen ID.4 Sales Decreased By 37% In Q1 2024

Sleek New Entry-Level Mercedes CLA EV Spotted As Tesla Model 3 Rival [Video]

Ford U.S. EV Sales Almost Doubled In Q1 2024 To Over 20,000

Rivian Has Built 100,000 EVs

Locking Diff Or No? Cybertruck, F-150 Lightning, Silverado, Rivian R1T Drivetrains Compared

Kia U.S. EV Sales More Than Doubled In March 2024

Toyota Has A 'We Told You' Moment As Stock Climbs 32% Year To Date

Hyundai U.S. EV Sales Doubled In March 2024

This Cheap Used Tesla Model S With 450,000 Miles Seems Remarkably Good

2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Discounted By Up To $3,000 For Bolt EV Owners

These Electric Cars Offer Plug & Charge In 2024

GM's U.S. EV Sales Decreased 21% In Q1 2024 As Bolt EVs Fade

PSA To New Full Self-Driving Testers: Teslas Are Not Autonomous

Xiaomi SU7 Comparable To Audis, Makes No Rookie Mistakes: YouTuber

Demand For EVs Is Still Outpacing Plug-In Hybrids: Report

Rivian Improved Production And Deliveries In Q1 2024

China Plug-In Car Sales Decreased In February 2024

The BMW i4 Is Now The Cheapest BMW To Lease In The U.S.

EVs Exceeded 5% Of New Car Sales In 31 Countries In Q4 2023

Tesla Privately Previews Updated Model 3 Performance Ahead of Official Launch

Tesla Delivered Only 386,810 Vehicles In Q1 2024, Produced 433,371

Xiaomi SU7, The Smartphone Maker’s First EV, Sold Out For 2024 In 24 Hours

Tesla Faces 'Reputational Downfall' Thanks To Elon Musk, Analyst Says

MKBHD Lists Tesla Cybertruck's Overrated And Underrated Features

BYD Global Plug-In Car Sales Exceeded 300,000 In March 2024

Tesla Model Y Prices Increase By $1,000

Abarth 600e Is A Formula-E Inspired 240 HP Electric Hot Hatch

Tesla Full Self-Driving Comes Out Of Beta, But Must Be Supervised

Tested: Stainless Steel Tesla Cybertruck Doesn’t Get Dangerously Hot In The Sun

$25,000 Tesla To Ditch Production Line For Radical New Assembly Technique

Tesla Q1 Sales Draw Grim Predictions From Wall Street Analysts

Here's How The Chevrolet Silverado EV 3WT Performs In A Highway Range Test (Updated)

How Much Does A Rivian Cost? R1T, R1S, R2, R3, R3X

Nissan And Mitsubishi Team Up For U.S.-Spec Electric Pickup Truck

Volvo EX30 Versus Its $45,000 Competitors: EX30 Exudes Quality Inside And Out

Expectation Vs Reality: Installing A $3,000 Tesla Cybertruck Basecamp Tent

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