Tesla launched a new version of the popular Model Y electric crossover in several European countries. Dubbed the Model Y Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive, this is the second most affordable version of Tesla’s entry-level crossover but it packs the biggest punch when it comes to driving range.

With a WLTP-rated maximum travel distance of 372 miles (600 kilometers) on a full charge, the new European-bound Model Y trim trumps the Long Range All-Wheel Drive version by 41 miles (WLTP) all while costing €6,000 less in Germany.

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Tesla Model Y goes the distance in Europe. Or part of it, at least

Tesla is now selling a new version of the Model Y electric crossovers in several European countries. Dubbed the Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive, the new trim boasts 372 miles of WLTP-rated range, 41 more than the all-wheel drive long-range model.

The new Model Y LR RWD starts at €48,990 in Germany, making it €4,000 dearer than the entry-level rear-wheel drive model with the standard-range battery pack. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the updated Model 3 with all-wheel drive and the long-range battery pack still beats the new Model Y trim’s advertised range by 18 miles in the WLTP cycle. However, the sedan costs €51,990 in Germany.

Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD on Tesla Germany's website

Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD on Tesla Germany's website

According to Tesla’s official X post embedded below, the Model Y Long Range RWD has an average energy consumption of 23.9 kWh/100 miles (14.9 kWh/100 km), making it the lowest cost-per-mile model in the European electric SUV market. However, Tesla’s German website says that the same model has an average consumption of 24.9 kWh/100 miles (15.5 kWh/100 km). By comparison, the same website lists the standard range RWD Model Y as munching through 25.5 kWh/100 miles (15.7 kWh/100 km).


Currently, the new long-range RWD trim can be ordered in 19 European countries: Austria, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Romania and Hungary. Curiously, nations like the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are missing from the list.

In the United States, the only long-range Model Y version available also comes with all-wheel drive. It starts at $49,990 (before the tax credit) and has an EPA-rated range of 310 miles on a full charge. There were plans to introduce a long-range RWD in the U.S. three years ago, but Tesla changed its mind and ultimately canceled customers’ orders.

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