As quick as Teslas are, they are not really designed to engage and enthrall the driving enthusiast on a twisty road blast. The closest thing Tesla made that pleased the keen driver was the Model 3 Performance, which has just been revealed in heavily revised form for the 2025 model year, and it should be considerably better than before.

Rory Reid from AutoTrader took the new 2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance on a twisty canyon road blast to verify its enthusiast credentials, and he had a lot to say about it. There is no denying that the extra 32% peak power and 16% torque increase make it quicker, but it wasn’t lacking in power before, and there are other improvements that make an even bigger impact on the driving experience.

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The Tesla Model 3 Performance was already fun to drive

The Model 3 Performance was acknowledged as one of the few affordable EVs that driving enthusiasts enjoyed throwing around a twisty road, and now Tesla says it's even better and faster.

The new body-hugging sport seats certainly make for a big improvement when driving the car spiritedly down a winding road. The previous Model 3 Performance didn’t offer enough lateral support, and you had to hold on to the steering wheel to not be thrown out of the seat, but in the new one, this has been addressed.

Rory says it’s very pleasant to thread corners together in the car, but he says he would like the car to have less grippy tires so that it could move around more. With the new staggered tire setup, which features larger rear tires, the back of the car doesn’t want to unstick no matter how hard you push it, which is something driving enthusiasts want.

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The looser rear end is what makes driving enthusiasts, who usually scoff at the mere sight of an EV, tip their hats in appreciation for the Porsche Taycan with its lively handling. Interestingly, Rory also mentions that even though you can adjust the power distribution to make the car more front- or rear-biased and tailor the handling to your preferences, the Model 3 Performance never feels truly front- or rear-wheel-driven. Even though the car is hugely capable, driving it quickly around some bends isn’t as rewarding as it could be, in his view.

It’s nevertheless both more capable and more comfortable thanks to the new adaptive dampers, although this video seems to highlight its comfort more than its handling prowess. Do you think driving enthusiasts will like all the improvements that Tesla has made to the Model 3 Performance, and does the revised model make you want to go for a canyon blast more than its predecessor? Let us know in the comments.

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