We’ve known about Fiat’s (Abarth) pint-sized four-door hot EV for a short while, but the brand has blessed us this week with more photos and details. This 240-horsepower EV crossover is aimed at the heart of the ever-changing sport compact hatchback and crossover classes. Could it be North America bound?

Abarth 600e Rear

The Abarth 600e is strikingly sporty. It has a big wing, chunky wheels, and fun graphics that make it look just as rowdy as its Abarth 500e sibling. All of the photos are from the 600e Scorpionissima, which is a purple-painted commemoration of Abarth’s 75th anniversary. Only 1949 units of this model will be produced.  

Get Fully Charged

Fiat Aims To Go Fully Electric

Fiat aims to go fully electric by 2030. In North America, the imported Fiat 500e is part of its new push to revitalize sales in North America. Fiat plans to grow its presence in North America with more models and nameplates from other parts of the world.

Like the standard Fiat 600e, the Abarth 600e uses the same e-CMP platform that underpins many small subcompact hatchbacks and crossovers in the Stellantis stable including the Opel Corsa, Jeep Avenger, and Peugeot 2008. But, Abarth has significantly turned up the heat. Gone is the 156 horsepower front motor, replaced with a much larger 240 horsepower unit. That extra power is managed via a mechanical limited-slip differential and formula-E-inspired tires. This is the most powerful EV Stellantis has introduced yet on the e-CMP platform, and the most powerful product to ever wear an Abarth badge.

Abarth has also released photos of the interior, too. Of course, it’s very similar inside to the standard 600e (and has shades of the Jeep Avenger), but Abarth-specific graphics and Alcantara add to the car’s sporty demeanor. The infotainment screen has special Abarth graphics. 

Abarth 600e interior

It’s still very much up in the air if the Fiat (or Abarth) 600e is bound for North America. On paper, the 600e’s specifications could seem a bit iffy, the standard 600e is only good for 250 miles on the somewhat forgiving WLTP cycle from a relatively small 54 kWh battery. With the extra power and focus on performance, the Abarth 600e’s range will likely be even lower, for a car that doesn’t even sound all that powerful on paper.

However, power and range aren’t always the end-all, and be-all when it comes to creating a desirable EV. The Abarth 600e could be charming, most of its manufacturer photos show the car doing front-wheel-drive slides, indicating that Fiat and Abarth are aiming to create a fun-to-drive car. It even has the same external sound generator as the Abarth 500e, meant to inject some personality into the EV driving experience. 

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We do know that Fiat has plans to expand its US lineup sooner rather than later. Hopefully, the Abarth 600e, or something like it, will make its way here. 

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