Porsche reports that its global car sales during the first quarter of 2024 amounted to 77,640 (down 4% year-over-year). The slight decrease is explained by the company as due to the model changeover, including four out of six model lines: the all-electric Macan, the new Panamera, the Taycan, and the new 911.

The outgoing version of the Porsche Taycan (all versions: Taycan, Taycan Cross Turismo, and Taycan GTS) recently noted the weakest quarterly sales result since its market launch four years ago. In Q1, Porsche Taycan's global sales amounted to 4,236 units, 54% less than a year ago. That's a third of the record of 12,744 units in Q4 2023.

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2025 Porsche Taycan is coming in April

In 2023, Porsche Taycan sales exceeded 40,000 units. Starting in April, the company will begin deliveries of the upgraded, 2025 model year version. Customer deliveries in the U.S. will begin in the summer of 2024.

The slow quarter translated into a relatively low EV share in Porsche's lineup of just 5.5% in Q1.

Things are expected to improve later this year, as the 2025 Porsche Taycan brings some noticeable upgrades, including a higher capacity battery and longer range, quicker acceleration, faster DC charging and more.

Porsche BEV sales in Q1'2024 (YOY change):

Porsche Taycan Sales in Q1 2024

For reference, in 2023, Porsche Taycan global sales amounted to 40,629, 17% more than in 2022, which accounted for 12.7% of the total volume.

Porsche BEV sales in Q1-Q4'2023 (YOY change):

The main thing for Porsche in 2024 will be the market launch of the Porsche Macan, based on the Volkswagen Group's all-new Premium Platform Electric (PPE) platform (see an overview here).

The German manufacturer hints at "great demand" for the all-electric Macan: "...many orders have already been received for the new all-electric generation of the SUV. The first vehicles will be handed over to customers in the second half of the year. "

Porsche Macan (2024)

2024 Porsche Macan

2025 Porsche Taycan Turbo GT

2025 Porsche Taycan Turbo GT

Porsche does not report the number of plug-in hybrid sales (Cayenne and Panamera), but we guess they account for a noticeable share of the total volume (potentially several percent of the total volume).

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