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June 2024 News Archive

Tesla’s Cybertruck Tent Was Awful But This Pop Top Looks Great

Tesla Cybertruck AWD Coming 'Late 2024' Contradicting Elon Musk

Chinese Brands Will Sell A Third Of The World's Cars By 2030: Study

Watch This 2024 Tesla Cybertruck Take On A 1994 Dodge Ram Cummins

Here's How Far The Electric Maserati GranTurismo Folgore Goes On A Charge

Some Chevy Bolt EV And EUV Models Re-Recalled For Software Update

Ford CEO Hits Back At Electric Vehicle 'Politics,' Disinformation

Rivian Plans A Charger That Can Power Your House

China-Made EVs Accounted For 18.5% Of All EVs Sold In Europe In May 2024

Fisker, Amid Bankruptcy, Recalls Every Single Car In U.S.

Which Teslas Qualify For The EV Tax Credit In 2024?

Cheaper Polestar 3 With Rear-Wheel Drive, More Range Added To Lineup

Rivian Eyes Profit In Q4 With Upgraded EVs And Billions In Cash

2026 Genesis Electrified G80 Packs Bigger Battery, 27-Inch Screen

Here's The Note Volvo Is Sending To EX30 Reservation-Holders

EVs Still Have More Quality Problems. Here's Why

Honda's Hydrogen CR-V Lease Gets Up To $30,000 In Fuel Credits

Tesla Model 3: How Much Range Does It Have?

Drop-In EV Kit Turns Classic DeLorean Into The Sports Car It Was Designed To Be

Act Now, Because EV Lease Deals Will Probably Get Worse Next Week

Anyone Can Hail A Waymo Robotaxi In San Francisco Now

All Porsche Taycan EVs Recalled Globally For Brake Fix

Rivian And Volkswagen's Secret Meetings Involved 'Cloaked Audis' Before Deal: Report

U.S. EV Fuel Cost Savings Potential Is $10,000 Per 100,000 Miles

Hyundai Inster: This New Affordable Electric City Car Looks Fantastic

The Number One Rule For Not Getting Screwed At The Car Dealer

Apple's Next-Gen CarPlay Could Reimagine Gauge Clusters of Classic Enthusiast Cars

Rimac, Maker Of Million-Dollar Hypercars, Just Launched A Robotaxi

The Plug-In Hybrid BMW M5 Is Heavier Than The Electric i5 M60

Volvo EX30 Delayed In America Until 2025, Production Moving To Belgium

Electric BMW XM Reportedly Axed

It’s Now Cheaper To Lease A Tesla Model 3 Than A Toyota Camry

These Are The Worst Used Electric Cars, According To Consumer Reports

How Volkswagen's Endless Software Headaches Led It To Rivian

Kia EV3 In-Depth Video: Way More Than Just A Cheap New EV

Are These Rivian's New Vehicles Beyond The R2, R3 And R3X?

2025 BMW M5 Has Up To 25 Miles Of Electric Range And A Big Weight Problem

2025 Rivian R1: Watch It Rip It On The Racetrack

Volkswagen And Rivian Are Teaming Up On Software In $5 Billion Deal

Here’s How Tesla’s Latest FSD Version Works In The Real World

Fisker Is Bankrupt. Owners Are Angry And Scrambling For Answers

Toyota Camry Crashes Into A Tesla Cybertruck, Gets Obliterated

Tesla Model Y: How Much Range Does It Have?

Polestar 2 Gets Slight Range Increase, New Colors And Wheels

Tesla Cybertruck Attends Tractor Pull, Is Told To 'Go Back To California'

Edmunds Owns Nine EVs. Three Of Them Wouldn’t Be Bought A Second Time

Tesla Cybertruck's Massive Wiper Triggers Recall Of 12,000 Trucks

Stellantis Could Bring Ram ProMaster City Back As An Electric Van

Totaled Tesla Cybertrucks Are Headed To Salvage Auctions

Tesla Cybertruck Recalled Due To Wiper Issue, Loose Bed Trim (Update)

Rivian R1T Two-Year Ownership Review: Work Truck Weaknesses

Owner Drives Hyundai Ioniq 6 Until It Dies: 'It Just Won't Quit'

Volkswagen Adds ChatGPT Voice Assistant To ID.4, Other Models

Lexus Made The Most Efficient Electric Crossover On Sale. Here's How

A Used Mercedes-Benz EQS Can Be Yours For New Tesla Model 3 Prices

Plug-In Hybrids Overtake EV Growth. But There Are Some Catches

Fisker Headed For Liquidation, Not Rescue And Rebirth

Ford Lightning SuperTruck, Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Dominate At Pikes Peak

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N TA Spec Outperforms Tesla Model S Plaid On Pikes Peak

Surging EX30 Boosted Volvo's Sales In Europe In May

Vandal Lashes Out At Elon Musk By Tagging 34 Tesla Cybertrucks With Profanity

Electrify America Increases Charger Security As Cable Thefts Continue

Toshiba's Ultra-Fast Rechargeable SCiB Batteries Get 50% Capacity Boost

American Test Of Three Chinese EVs: 'It’s A Wake-Up Call'

Hyundai Ioniq 5: How Much Range Does It Have?

Kia Global EV Retail Sales Hit A New Record In May 2024

Some Tesla Owners Report Malfunctioning Dog Mode In New Update

Electrified Hummer H1 Has Old-School Looks, Same Power As New GMC Hummer EV

China Spent Lavishly On Its EV Revolution. Here’s How Much It Cost

Ford F-150 Lightning SuperTruck Only Has A 50-kWh Battery. Here’s Why That’s Enough

Say Hello To North Korea’s First EV. It’s Not What It Seems

How Fisker Owners Are Banding Together To Keep Their Cars Running

Entry-Level Front-Wheel Drive BMW Neue Klasse EVs Coming In 2027

U.S. EV Registrations Jumped In April 2024. But Tesla Is Sinking

NIO's New Battery Swap Station 4.0 Is Faster, Bigger And Automatic

The Tesla Model X Is Almost A Decade Old. Its Quality Issues Still Aren’t Fixed

Massive Expansion Of North American Battery Manufacturing Capacity Ahead

All Top EV Brands, Except Tesla, Noted Registration Growth In Q1 2024

Judge OKs Tesla Anti-Trust Lawsuit Over Parts, Service Monopoly

With Fisker Bankrupt, The 'Lucid Ocean' Might Become A Real EV

This Tesla Cybertruck Looks Like A Mirror On Wheels. It’s For Sale

The Tesla Cybertruck Is Getting Big Charging Improvements ‘Soon’

Sedan, SUV Or Coupe? Kia EV4 Caught In The Wild With Camouflage

GM EV Owners Still Can't Use Tesla Superchargers. Here's Why

Ford F-150 Lightning: How Much Does It Cost To Charge It?

A Kia EV3 Built In Mexico Could Be A Sub-$30,000 Electric Car

Average Tesla Model 3, Model Y Battery Degradation After 200,000 Miles Impresses

BYD, CATL Working On LFP Batteries That Could Be Fully Recharged In 10 Minutes

Tesla Cybertruck Owner Tries Towing A Model 3 While Charging It. Here’s What Happened

'No One Else Is Even Close': Lucid CEO On Air Efficiency, Gravity SUV

This $400 Tesla Aftermarket Part Fixes One Very Controversial Feature

The Fisker Bankruptcy Doesn't Mean EVs Are in Trouble. Here's Why

Tesla Cybertruck: Everything We Know - More Affordable Versions Coming?

EV Sales Plateau In Europe And North America, But China Expands

Here Are All The EVs And Hybrids That Qualify For A Tax Credit In 2024 (Updated)

Tesla Cybertruck 15,000-Mile Ownership Review: ‘Designed To Be A Street Truck’

Stellantis Outwits EU Tariffs, Starts Production Of Cheap Chinese EV In Poland

Tesla Model Y Among Most 'American' Cars, But Model 3 Knocked Off Top 10

2024 Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV Gets More EPA Range: Up To 307 Miles

2025 Audi E-Tron GT Is The Fastest, Most Powerful Stock Audi Ever

Fisker, Maker Of The Ocean SUV, Files For Bankruptcy

Will Electric Cars Kill The Grid In Hot Summer Months?

Hyundai Ioniq 5 2.5-Year Ownership Review: Legacy Auto Benefits

Kia EV9: How Much Does It Cost To Charge It?

2024 Mercedes-Benz EQB Gets Up To 251 Miles Of EPA Range

Tesla Model 3's Micro Price Adjustment Continued Into June, Tax Credit Confirmed

Officer Dodges Tesla On Autopilot, Which Then Crashes Into Police Cruiser

Tesla Cybertrucks Are Still Breaking Down All Of The Time

The Chevrolet Equinox EV Is Already A Cheap Lease, But One Deal May Be Better

Maybe The Used EV Market Is Just Becoming More Normal

Here’s How Hot Weather Affects Electric Car Range

Nio EL8 Is A Luxurious Six-Seater Electric SUV For Europe

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Appears To Be Eligible For The $7,500 Tax Credit

Selling A 'Stupid' Tesla Cybertruck, Upgrading To Cadillac Lyriq

2024 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV Gets More EPA Range: Up To 339 Miles

Hot Or Not: Tesla Cybertruck Wraps You Can't Look Away From

Report: BYD Will Supply LFP Batteries For Tesla's Shanghai Megafactory

GM Fights Back Against BYD Seagull With Updated Wuling Bingo

The Biggest Victim Of Europe's Anti-China EV Tariffs: The Mini Cooper

2024 Honda Prologue Gets New Discounts For Savings Of Up To $10,500

Pork, Dairy, Booze: China To Hit Europe Back After New EV Tariffs

This Tesla Model S Only Lost 36% Of Its Range After 430,000 Miles

Elon Musk Says Optimus Will Make Tesla Worth Half Of The Entire S&P 500

Volvo EX30 Faces Delay, Unclear Future Over China Tariffs

The Tesla Model Y Long Range Is Cheaper To Lease Than The Model 3 Long Range

Tesla's New Version Of 'Full Self-Driving' Is Better, But Flawed

Chevrolet Equinox EV Is Missing Key Features, But Most Are Coming This Year

Non-Foundation Tesla Cybertruck Coming Next Quarter, International Version Possible: Musk

Elon Musk Teases Three New Teslas: 'These Are Going To Be Special'

Elon Musk Claims Victory In Tesla Shareholder Pay Vote (Updated)

Hyundai Motors Global EV Wholesale Sales Decline Continued In May 2024

Watch The 2024 Tesla Shareholder Vote Livestream Here

Volkswagen’s EV Sales Surpass Tesla In Germany

Six Electric Sedans Were Driven Until They Died. The Results Are Fascinating

Ford Mustang Mach-E: How Much Does It Cost To Charge It?

Mercedes-Benz To Deploy ‘World’s Most Efficient 400 kW Charger’ In The U.S.

The Alpine A290 Is The Electric Hot Hatch You Want But Can’t Have

Jeep's $25,000 EV Will Be The Next Renegade

Fast Charging Doesn’t Degrade Batteries More Than Slow Charging: Study

Ford's Affordable EV Is From A Crack Team Of Tesla, Apple And Rivian Vets

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning EPA Energy Consumption Is 2.1 Miles/kWh

Tesla Cybertruck Increased The Average EV Price In The U.S. In May

Ford Cancels Model e Dealership Program And Set EV Pricing Model

Next-Generation Apple CarPlay: The Most Interesting New Features

What Is A 'Smart' Electric Car Charger And Why Should You Buy One?

Nissan Ariya EV Recalled For Oil Leak That Could Lead To Loss Of Power

Tesla Pay Vote Is ‘A Nightmare For Shareholders’: What Could Happen

Check Out This Plug-In Electric Car Adoption Map For All U.S. States In 2023

Here Are The Automaker EV Apps People Love And Hate Most

Tesla Resumes Hiring: AI And Robotics Engineers, Service Technician Jobs Open

Americans Are Convinced Toyota, Honda, Nissan Lead The Way On EVs: New Survey

'Tesla’s Future Relies On His Presence': Musk's $56B Pay Vote Down To The Wire

Tesla Is Building A Cybertruck-Only Tunnel Under Its Texas Gigafactory

Europe Hits Back: Chinese EV Imports Face Much Higher Tariffs

EV Buyers Have Saved Over $1 Billion Through IRA Credits This Year

Used EV Prices Are Crashing. That's Great News For Buyers

General Motors Cut Its 2024 EV Sales Goal Over Demand Concerns

The 2025 Nissan Leaf Sticks Around At $28,140

Hyundai Ioniq 5: How Much Does It Cost To Charge It?

The 2024 Chevy Equinox EV Tells Us A Lot About Why Voltage Matters

For Sale: Porsche Taycan Batteries That Allegedly Fell Off A Train

McLaren Working On PHEV SUV That Isn’t An SUV: CEO

Lotus Emeya May Charge Quicker Than Porsche Taycan, Lucid Air

Global Plug-In Car Sales Increased 25% In April 2024 To 1.2 Million

Things Are Heating Up At Ionna, The Tesla-Challenging Charging Network From Seven Automakers

Volkswagen ID.2 Production Version Looks 'Even Better' Than The Concept: Design Chief

Chevrolet Equinox EV: Here Come The Dealer Markups Already

Tesla Has Kickstarted An Autonomy War In China

2025 Chevrolet Blazer EV Is Up To $1,200 Cheaper But You Get Less Stuff

More EVs, Fewer Plugs: How Permit Delays Slow Down Charger Growth

Hyundai Inster EV: An Affordable Electric City Car With Cute Looks

Tesla Model Y's 'Juniper' Update Won't Happen This Year, Musk Says

Hyundai And Kia Now Own 11% Of America's EV Sales Through May 2024

Costco May Save General Motors' EV Buyers From Dealer Headaches

The Toyota bZ4x Is On A Hot Streak This Year

Tesla Faces A $56 Billion Question. Does Elon Musk Have The Votes?

All 71,956 Volvo EX30s Recalled For Software Issue

Volvo EX30, EX90 Production Could Divert To Europe Over China Tariffs: Report

2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E: A Bit More EPA Range, Improved Efficiency

Nissan Offering $1,000 To Chevy Bolt Owners Towards Buying A Leaf

Tesla Model Y Gigacast Repairs Have Improved Greatly

Check Out This 24K Gold-Plated Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Celebrates Building 50 Millionth 4680-Type Battery Cell At Giga Texas

NHTSA Relaxes CAFE Rules; 50.4 MPG Average By 2031

Long-Range EVs Are Finally Cheaper Than Average Gas Cars

Porsche Will Pay You $4,500 To Defect From Another EV Brand

Tesla China-Made EV Sales Decreased Again In May 2024

This $10,100 Tesla Model S Got Brought Back From The 'Dead'

Watch The 2025 Rivian R1T Hit 60 MPH In 2.59 Seconds

This Is The Most Direct Threat Yet That Elon Musk Could Quit Tesla

2025 Rivian R1S And R1T: See How It's Different

Non-Tesla Public EV Chargers Are Getting Better As Superchargers Slip

This Chevrolet Blazer EV Lease Deal Makes The Gas Version Irrelevant

This Tesla Model S Has 430,000 Miles On The Original Battery And Motors

2025 Rivian R1T And R1S: How Would You Configure Yours?

The Kia EV3 Starts At $30,800 In South Korea. How Much Will It Cost In The U.S.?

Volvo EX30 Sales Hit A New Record: 11,000 In May 2024

The 2025 Rivian R1T And R1S Cut 1.6 Miles Of Internal Wiring

2025 Rivian R1S And R1T Get Up To 420 Miles Of Range, Huge Changes Under The Skin

Tesla Shareholders Stupefied Over Musk's Orders To Divert Nvidia Shipments To X

Tesla Model Y: How Much Does It Cost To Charge It?

You Can Lease A 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Extended Range For $11 More Than Standard Range

'The EV Charging Industry is Okay,' Says Re-Hired Tesla Supercharging Lead

Volvo's U.S. PHEV Sales Doubled, But EVs Were Down 78% In May 2024

BYD Reportedly Sold 5,000 Qin L PHEV Sedans In First Three Days

General Motors Had Its Best Month Ever For EV Sales In May

Driving An EV In The U.S. Is Now One-Third Cleaner Than A Gasoline Car

Volvo EX90 Production Started In Charleston, South Carolina

2024 Nissan Ariya: EPA Range, Energy Consumption And Price Overview

Ford Explorer EV Goes Into Production At German Factory After $2B Investment

Stellantis And Mercedes-Benz Press Pause On Two EV Battery Gigafactories

'Fundamentals Detached From Reality': Early Tesla Diehards Now Skeptical

Ford U.S. EV Sales Rocket 65% In May 2024 To Third-Best Month Ever

Tesla Model Y Long Range After 4 Years And 45,000 Miles: Owner Breaks Down The Costs

Dear Volkswagen: We Fixed Your ID.7 Problem In America

Updated 2024 Volkswagen ID.3 Gets Three New Trims, Aims For BYD

Mercedes-Benz Recalls 15,000 EVs Because Batteries Might Shut Down While Driving

BYD Global Plug-In Car Sales Exceeded 330,000 In May 2024

Volvo Is Issuing ‘Battery Passports.’ Here’s What That Means

Honda Prologue U.S. Sales Exceeded 600 In May 2024

Repairing An EV Is 30% More Expensive On Average Than An ICE Vehicle. Here’s Why

‘Foot On The Accelerator’: Hyundai And Kia’s EV Push Pays Off As Rivals Back Down

Tesla Cybertruck Posts Quick Times At Porsche Autocross Event

EV Lease Prices Could Rise Due To Poor Resale Value: Study

Subaru Solterra U.S. Sales Tripled To A New Record In May 2024

Refreshed Rivian R1S Shows Its Face In Michigan

Tesla Model Y Performance Ownership Review: Battery Health, Degradation After 40,000 Miles

Most Americans Would Still Buy ICE Vehicles And Hybrids Over EVs: Survey

Faraday Future Delivered 10 EVs in 2023: Four Sold, Six Leased

Fisker Ocean Owners Need Parts. The Company Planned On It Being ‘Perfect’ Instead

Kia U.S. EV Sales Doubled To Spectacular New Record In May 2024

Why The U.S. Government-Funded EV Charger Rollout Is Taking Forever

Tesla Cybertruck Reviewed By Ford F-150 Owner: 'It’s Like An Exotic Car'

The Lucid Air Sapphire Is 'The Best Sedan Ever Made', MKBHD Says

Buying A Used Tesla Model S? Here Are Some Issues To Look Out For

Chevrolet Equinox EV Early Fast-Charging Test: 'Not Bad'

Kia EV9 Production Hit Roughly 50,000 Units Within 12 Months

Tesla Says That It Improved Its Supercharger Average Uptime To 99.97% In 2023

Hyundai U.S. EV Sales Up 42% In May 2024, Best Ioniq 5 Sales Month Ever

Tesla Driver Asks For Relaxed FSD Mode, So Elon Musk Promises 'Hurry' Mode

Tesla Semi Impressions, Production Timeline Announced At ACT Expo

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