The entire auto industry is chasing more affordable electric vehicles. They need to move electric power to a new class of buyer, they're freaked out by the incursion of China's advanced EVs and they have tough fuel economy average targets to meet. Even Jeep is no exception. And so today, we got some news about Jeep's upcoming $25,000 electric model, including the fact that it carries a familiar name.

Jeep's new $25,000 EV will be the next Jeep Renegade, according to a presentation at parent company Stellantis' annual Investor Day event. That move brings fully electric power to a compact but still off-road-capable crossover that's been around since 2014, and also currently exists as a 4xe plug-in hybrid in some markets.

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The race for a $25,000 EV

Ford, Tesla, Jeep, General Motors and several others are all racing to get out an EV that may start around $25,000. They need to cut costs, get manufacturing scale up and seek a new kind of buyer. Which automaker gets there first is an open question. 

Beyond the announcement of the new name, few details were offered today, except to say that Jeep seems to be targeting a 2027 release date for the next Renegade. In the meantime, the automaker has several more plug-in hybrid, fully electric and range-extender models in the pipeline. Like those models, the Renegade is planned for North America.

At the same time, it's worth noting that while Stellantis is often quite thorough in announcing its upcoming product lineup plans, those plans can change. (Anyone remember when Alfa Romeo was supposed to have this monster new lineup of sedans and SUVs?) But these plans do fit with what the automaking giant has been planning over the past few years, which is to offer a wide variety of powertrains—hybrid, gas, electric, PHEV and range-extended EVs—to suit different market needs and conditions. 

First up on the electric front will be the new Jeep Wagoneer S, which arrives this fall with a planned 300 miles of range. That car's Launch Edition model is expected to cost a hefty $71,995. But the second half of this decade will be when a number of more affordable EVs are expected to come to market, so if Jeep delivers on the Renegade at around $25,000, it's going to be in good company. 

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