Purpose built as a highly capable off-road vehicle, the Jeep Wrangler 4xe is never going to be especially efficient. It also does not have impressive all-electric driving range. But with a vehicle like this, even a minor improvement in fuel economy can make a huge difference in the vehicle's lifetime efficiency.

The Wrangler 4xe has an estimated 21-mile electric range with EPA ratings of 49 MPGe and 20 mpg after the battery is depleted. So an owner who charges daily can expect a solid reduction in fuel consumption compared to a combustion-engine Jeep. No wonder this plug-in hybrid Wrangler has been such a massive sales success for Jeep and parent company Stellantis

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We’ve seen Jeep run some pretty solid deals on the Wrangler 4xe in the recent past. But the offerings right now are probably the best yet. When you finance with a Stellantis Financial Services Subvented Lease, the lender is piling on the incentives as a capitalized cost reduction. 

The primary incentives at the moment are:

  • State plug-in or hybrid vehicle incentives (varies by state)
  • $7,500 EV incentive (only available when leasing)
  • $1,500 Stellantis Financial Services loyalty bonus cash (for previous leases)

In this example, the MSRP + destination of this Willys trim is $57,925. Stellantis is applying the $7,500 EV incentive directly to the lease. Anyone looking to purchase instead of the lease would, at most, qualify for a $3,500 federal incentive. In a state such as Colorado, a state rebate ($5,000 in CO) can also be applied if the customer qualifies.

With a moderate down payment of $3,000, the estimated monthly lease is $287. If a buyer comes from a previous Stellantis lease, a $1,500 loyalty incentive can also be applied, bringing the estimated monthly total to as low as $241.

Jeep Wrangler 4xe Deals May 2024

The best leasing terms are available for 36 months and 10,000 miles. If you prefer a 24-month term or 15,000 miles, you're looking at about $315 a month. You could also settle for the new Sport S 4xe for even lower monthly payments. With these incentives combined with energy savings, it seems to be a no-brainer for any current Wrangler owner coming up on the end of their lease.

While the vehicle might not appeal to EV enthusiasts, it can be a great option for those who need off-road capability at an affordable price. What do you think of Jeep's latest offer? Let us know in the comments below. 

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