Volvo has announced that it is recalling all of the 72,000 EX30s it has made to date. 

The reason for the recall is a software issue that can cause the speedometer to enter test mode when the vehicle is started.

Volvo issued a statement today regarding the issue. The automaker says the software problem can be fixed via an over-the-air update. There are two options for the OTA update. EX30 owners can either push the update on their own when prompted by the car or take the affected vehicle to a dealership, where the update will be performed free of charge. Either way, the fix should be simple.

Volvo said that no injuries or accidents have been reported in connection with this issue. The automaker also sent notices to EX30 owners, stating that the automaker would "ensure that I (the EX30 owner) continue to use a safe and reliable vehicle."

This is the second time since its launch in January that a software issue has impacted the EX30. Before that, the launch of the EX30 was delayed because the software wasn't ready, so it seems Volvo is having some difficulties on the software side of this popular EV.

Interestingly, Volvo EX30 sales stand at just over 35,000 units. However, the recall affects all 71,956 EX30s produced to date, meaning that there are many unsold EX30s out there.

It's unclear when the EX30 will finally go on sale in the U.S., though we hope it's sooner rather than later. A new report suggests that EX30 production might shift from China to Europe to avoid tariffs. This move might mean U.S.-bound EX30s will come from Europe and not China.

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