Kia says the upcoming EV4 has a new body style that redefines the sedan as we know it. The manufacturer calls it “an entirely new type of EV sedan,” and the EV4 concept that previews is preparing us for a production car with a very overall distinctive shape with a short, low front and an unusually long tail.

While the upcoming Kia EV3 affordable crossover is getting a lot of attention, the EV4 proves that the Korean automaker is far from done with conventional sedans—even if it has to rewrite the playbook just a bit to be taller and almost coupe-like in profile.

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Kia is preparing a whole slew of more affordable EVs

Kia has created a 'lite' version of its E-GMP platform, which runs on 400 volts and is primarily front-wheel drive, for use in a line of more affordable models to sit below the EV6 in the lineup.

Gallery: Kia EV4 Debut In South Korea

Looking at how similar the EV3 concept was to the recently unveiled production model, we expect the series EV4 to retain most of the concept’s bold design cues and its unusual proportions. This seems to be confirmed by camouflaged EV4 prototypes caught on video in their native South Korea by ShortsCar, showing the car on the move, and Healer TV, which shows it stationary on a vehicle transporter.

You can see the shape of its long tail, the thin vertical rear lights, and the two winglets in the upper part of the C-pillars. Even the small ducktail spoiler that’s integrated into the trunk lid is visible through the camo—these are all design elements that were kept from the concept.

Even though it might look a bit unusual, the EV4 is still a sedan, which promises to accommodate a large amount of junk in its trunk. Even though it doesn’t look like a low-slung sedan (it looks like it’s going to be a bit taller than normal sedans, similar to a Polestar 2), it has somehow managed to create a sporty and aesthetically pleasing shape, possibly one of Kia's best designs.

Like all models below the EV6, the EV4 is likely to feature a front- and all-wheel-drive version of the Hyundai-Kia group’s E-GMP platform, which runs on 400 volts, not 800 volts. If it shares its motor with the EV3, then the base FWD model will have 201 horsepower but more powerful versions will feature dual-motor all-wheel drive. They could have upwards of 300 horsepower (possibly closer to 400 hp) in the range-topping EV4 GT.

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If the EV4 shares battery packs with its smaller crossover cousin, the EV3, it will receive a standard-range pack of 58.3 kilowatt-hours or an upgraded 81.4 kWh long-range pack, which is sufficient for a WLTP range of 372 miles in the EV3. Being based on the same cheaper version of E-GMP, the EV4 probably won’t exceed the EV3’s peak charging power of 128 kW, which should be good for 10 to 80% in around 31 minutes.

The EV4 will also have affordability on its side. It’s expected to cost under $40,000 in base trim and not exceed $55,000 in its most powerful guise. That is if it ever makes it to the US where Kia has yet to confirm the model’s availability. It is expected to be unveiled later this year and first go on sale in South Korea.

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