After over 6 months on sale, the Tesla Cybertruck continues to capture the attention of car buyers. Whether that’s good or bad depends on who you ask of course. But for many, the truck itself is less interesting than owners and their creativity.

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Rather than going for the clean, sheet metal look Elon initially envisioned, many Cybertruck owners are personalizing vehicle in fun ways. They’re also proactively solving many issues that were overlooked during the design process. And in conjunction with aftermarket suppliers, they’re even making good on undelivered or underbaked accessories where Tesla has dropped the ball. 

The Cybertruck Cybertent (formerly Basecamp) was probably the biggest fumble of them all. In addition to the name change–likely done for legal reasons–the final product was poorly considered in many ways.

The setup process was more complicated than it needed to be. It included a manual bicycle air pump despite onboard power being available in the bed. Plus, the final assembly just looks like a formless grey blob and does not resemble the original renders in any way. 

Cybertruck Basecamp In All Its Glory

Cybertruck Basecamp In All Its Glory

Yes, it's still completely functional. But really, how much more expensive would it have been to provide an electric air pump for this $3,000 accessory?

But that’s all in the past because a wave of new aftermarket tents is hitting the market soon. In a recent post on the Cybertruck Owners Club, member RogerDavis shared the first photos of a new product from aftermarket supplier CYBERTRUCKco. The tent is integrated into the bed quite well, nailing the Cybertruck's visual design.

Cybertruck tent closed

Aftermarket Cybertruck pop-up tent from CYBERTRUCKco.

It keeps things simple by employing a pop-up design common on rooftop-mounted tents. There are no interior shots so far, but be sure to follow the forum link above if this is something you’re interested in.

The same team has another design in the works for a pop-up tent installed on a mounting rack over the truck bed. Both products are in the final stages of development and plan to ship within the next few months.

Aftermarket Cybertruck tent from CYBERTRUCKco with mounting rack.

Aftermarket Cybertruck tent from CYBERTRUCKco with mounting rack.

What are your thoughts on the latest aftermarket options? Do you still prefer Tesla’s official tent solution? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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