Rivian, the maker of the all-electric R1S SUV and R1T pickup, now has a patent for what looks like a Camp Kitchen specifically designed for the four-door zero-emissions SUV.

First spotted by a user of the Rivian Forums, the patent – which was filed on July 18 and granted one month later – shows an expandable countertop that features a small cutting board to the left, a cooktop in the middle, and what appears to be a collapsible bin of some sort.

Above, there are two storage compartments and everything slides on rails in and out of the vehicle’s trunk, making life easier when going camping or overlanding. The patent summary mentions several possible configurations, with the possibility of adding a so-called “water pump apparatus” that’s made up of at least one water reservoir and a retractable hose, which should come in handy after a long day of hiking and sweating.

Gallery: Rivian R1S Camp Kitchen Patent Images

As you can see in the drawings gallery embedded above, the featured vehicle is in fact the Rivian R1S, but as is the case with some patent applications, this particular one might not become a reality even if it looks like the perfect fit for adventurers looking to take their all-electric SUV in the wilderness and camp out as they would with a custom-built kitchen in the back of an ICE-powered vehicle.

The California-based EV startup has some experience with extendable kitchens specifically made for its vehicles, showcasing a camp kitchen that was tailor-made for the R1T’s unique gear tunnel back in 2019, but that product was ultimately canceled earlier this year, leaving reservation holders with no choice but to make their own sliding countertop or to enlist the help of a specialist.

However, those reservation holders weren’t too many, as a 2020 poll posted on the Rivian Forums suggested just 7 percent of those who ordered an R1T ticked the $5,000 camp kitchen option on the configurator.

With this being said, though, the company’s latest earnings report said that most of its manufacturing efforts have shifted toward the R1S SUV, eclipsing the production numbers of its pickup sibling for the first time in the firm’s history. So maybe with more units on the road, Rivian will take a chance and transform this patent into reality.

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