Thanks to the Rivian Owners Forum order tracker post, we’ve been able to bring you in-depth information about how many people ordered which version and how many went for the many available options. If you checked out our last post based on information from the forum, you now know that the R1T pickup is proving quite a bit more popular than the R1S SUV.

Some 63 percent of all those who pre-ordered a Rivian went for the truck, and only 37 percent chose the SUV, but as a color most buyers chose Launch Green regardless of which body style they went for. Back when we published that post, we didn’t have too much information about how many people opted for one of the more unusual options (but still useful, for the right person), the pull-out sink option.

This option is called the ‘ Camp Kitchen ‘, it costs $5,000 and, for that kind of money you don’t just get the sink. It also includes an induction cooktop, a 4 gallon water tank complete with pump and for those looking for even more, there’s also an optional 30-piece prep and cookware set from a company called Snow Peak aimed at outdoorsy types.

So how many Rivian R1T and R1S pre-order holders have opted for the Camp Kitchen option? Well, thanks to the forum, we actually know that only 7 percent of those who ordered a Rivian (and posted their order on the forum) actually ticked this box. This doesn’t paint a definitive picture of just how popular it is, given that it’s only based on what people posted on the forum - it’s not official information from Rivian - but it gives us a good idea of just how popular an option the sink is.

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