Rivian has just announced that all the Launch Edition R1T pickup trucks have been sold out, a week after the manufacturer revealed the full pricing structure for its two models. You were able to reserve an R1T with a $1,000 deposit, but that only covers a fraction of the well-specced Launch Edition’s $75,000 sticker price.

What is a bit odd about all this is that we don’t actually know how many slots needed to be filled in order for the entire production run to be spoken for. We know that deliveries of the R1T are set to kick off in June of 2021 and vehicles in other trim levels will reach customers as of January 2022. See our list of all of the upcoming electric pickup trucks.


The automaker has not made any mentions regarding the number of vehicles it plans to build in its first year. Sure, it has taken up the challenge of providing 100,000 all-electric vans to Amazon by 2030, but it expects to only have 10,000 of these battery powered parcel haulers on the road by 2022.

This figure of 10,000 vehicles delivered by 2022 could give us some indication as to how many of its R1T and R1S that Rivian intends to have ready within the same time frame (it could be over 30,000). The Amazon delivery van is built atop the same skateboard platform as truck and SUV, so the effort it takes to create one will probably be similar.

Rivian had also kept access to its online configurator app for the R1T and R1S limited to its reservation holders. But later today it will become available for anyone interested in configuring their own battery powered off-roader that can turn like a tank, and there are plenty of cool and unusual options that you can spec, including an actual sink; a fully-loaded R1T costs $98,000.

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