The Rivian configurator will only open to the public on November 23. On November 16, the company allowed only pre-reservation holders to configure their cars, which will probably help them be among the first to receive them depending on what they choose to buy. Regardless, some of these guys – including Sandy Munro – were generous enough to tell us some of the secrets the company still holds.

You already know how much Rivian will charge for the kitchen and the larger battery pack due to our title, but some may not be aware of what this kitchen is. Right when the company first revealed the R1T, it also presented an integrated camping kitchen that could fit in that compartment the electric pickup truck has behind its rear door, between the bed and the cabin.

Rivian Configurator Shows Kitchen And Top Battery Pack Prices

That neat camping kitchen will cost $5,000. It is more expensive than the Elektro Frosch Camper – a three-wheeled vehicle that includes a kitchen, a tent, and an awning – but which is also not as comfortable as an R1T can be. 

Since there are no similar solutions in the market, Rivian can charge as much as it wants for it. However, we’d like to believe it is a fair price for all it offers: induction cooktop, built-in sink, and a 4-gallon water tank and pump, all in an elegant sliding solution. People that were not dissuaded by the price may also order a 30-piece prep and cookware set from Snow Peak.

Apart from the kitchen, the configurator also revealed three interior color options and confirmed the colors that will be available for the R1T. We spoke about them in May. The configurator showed ten instead of eight, one of which is exclusive to the Launch Edition – hence available for a limited time. 

Both the electric pickup truck and the SUV will also have five wheel and tire options, from 20 inches up to 22 inches. As Jason Fenske already taught, the taller they are, the more efficient the EV will be – even if it does not look that good.

The larger battery pack is called Max Pack. Rivian mentions it offers 400 miles or more of range and costs $10,000, but that it is not available for the Launch Edition. It will probably be offered only for the Adventure and Explore Packages, with deliveries scheduled for January 2022.

For obvious reasons, Sandy Munro wants to put his hands on the R1T as soon as possible, so he went with the Launch Edition, slated for June 2021. The whole video takes less than five minutes, and it is the easiest one he ever faced. If you watch him, you’ll have to agree with the engineer.

The R1S Launch Edition is expected for two months later: August 2021. All other packages will be available in January 2022, like the ones for the electric pickup truck.

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