Among future electric car presentations, which will be the most disruptive? The Lucid Air, with its extreme energy efficiency, long-range, and elegant engineering solutions? The Cybertruck? Ben Sullins sees great potential for that with Rivian after checking the pricing and specifications recently released for the R1T and the R1S.

The youtuber disclosed in August that he ordered the Rivian electric pickup truck. In the video in which he spoke about that, the long-time Tesla supporter said the Cybertruck would probably be a fantastic vehicle, but that it is too much for him: too big, too flashy, too aggressively designed. The R1T would fit his needs in a much better way.

Tesla Battery Day 2020 - Tesla Cybertruck

The video does not clarify how Rivian will be a game-changer based on the new specs that were revealed not on the price, but the latter is very likely to blame for that. After all, the R1T will not be as expensive as most people initially thought.

With the federal tax credit of $7,500, the Rivian pickup truck would start at $60,000. Sullins believes some versions of the Ford F-150 and other combustion-engined competitors are around that. Simply put, that would make the R1T competitive with these high-end conventional pickup trucks.

rivian r1t blue and orange

With a range above 300 miles, the R1T would attract the people willing for something new and could probably win their hearts and pockets without much more effort than simply being an EV. If they are used like cars that eventually carry some stuff around. If they are used like trucks – especially for towing – the EV side of things may hurt the experience.

Sadly, Rivian still has not revealed the R1T performance doing that. Nor if it will have any nice solution for towing such as the one James Klafehn developed. A T-Rex made by Rivian or an associated company would help a lot.

If you have not read our articles about Rivian’s electric pickup truck and SUV's pricing and specs, Sullins’ video will be an entertaining way to learn more. He also promised to make a new video when the online configurator is available for reservations holders on November 16. We’ll pay careful attention to that.

Source: Ben Sullins 

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