In the tumultuous times preceding what is now known as the EV revolution for many automakers worldwide, there was talk of the then-new Volkswagen ID.3 replacing the iconic Golf.

Well, that never happened, and it may very well never happen. But as VW charges forward with its commitment to electrification (where market conditions allow), a new, more friendly-looking player will join the German automaker’s portfolio by 2025: the upcoming ID.2, the production version of which is touted as being “even better” than the concept.

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Volkswagen, the "love brand"

Volkswagen cars have rarely been described as sentimental, attractive or soulful, at least by journalists. They're usually well-built and offer good value for money and the best of both worlds when it comes to handling. With the upcoming ID.2 electric hatchback, however, VW wants to change that.

We still don’t know what VW’s electric Polo replacement will look like, but it’s fair to say that it will be very similar to the ID.2all concept from last year. That’s a hatchback that looks like a futuristic next-gen Golf from the front and a retrolicious first-gen Golf from the back.

Thanks to an all-electric front-wheel-drive platform known as MEB Entry, the upcoming ID.2 (the name is still not official) will be shorter than the current ICE Golf, but the wheelbase will be similar, which will inevitably lead to better-than-expected interior space.

According to Autocar, quoting Volkswagen’s design chief Andreas Mindt, the design work on the production version of the upcoming sub-$27,000 EV is done. Mindt claims the road-going car looks “even better” than the concept that started it all.

The MEB Entry platform is designed to accommodate either a 38-kilowatt-hour battery or a 56-kWh pack for a maximum claimed range of 280 miles on a full charge. Presumably, this WLTP estimate will be valid for the bigger battery, while the cheaper car will get the smaller pack and a shorter range.

Gallery: Volkswagen ID. 2all Concept

A high-performance GTI version and a souped-up ID.2X crossover-like trim are also in the works. What’s more, VW promised that physical buttons would make a comeback in its new affordable EVs after people were understandably not pleased with the company’s decision to replace as many buttons as possible in the ID.3 with virtual counterparts. Even the number of window buttons on the driver's door was slashed in half for cost-cutting.

The Volkswagen ID.2 will be unveiled later this year, with a production ramp scheduled for next year. But what does "even better" mean in terms of design? Let us know in the comments below.

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