Tesla CEO Elon Musk dedicated much of the company's annual shareholder meeting on Thursday talking up the future of robotics and self-driving cars. But he spent some time giving updates on the company's car business as well

Musk provided some news about the Cybertruck, Tesla's much-hyped stainless-steel pickup truck. For starters, he said that Tesla "might certify it for other markets sometime next year." So get ready for videos of enormous Cybertrucks getting stuck on tight European streets. 

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The Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla started selling its long-awaited pickup truck late last year. Someday, it will start at $60,990. But thus far, only more expensive versions have been on offer. 

Musk said the Cybertruck was designed to North American vehicle requirements. That makes sense, given the U.S.' distinction as the pickup truck capital of the world. Musk added that designing the truck for international sale would have made it "frankly worse." To sell it abroad, the company will have to make a special version that complies with European or Chinese standards, he said. Other markets, for instance, have pedestrian-impact safety rules, which may present a challenge for the blunt-nosed behemoth.

In other Cybertruck news, Musk said Tesla would end production of Foundation Series trucks "pretty soon," and that it would start making non-Foundation Series models sometime next quarter. Since deliveries began in November, anyone who wanted a Cybertruck has needed to pony up an additional $20,000 for a Foundation Series.

These early trucks offer some extra accessories and options, but the biggest draw is probably the bragging rights that come with snagging one of the first-ever Cybertrucks. "Full self-driving"—which is not actually autonomous on any Tesla—is another key thing included in the package, but so far Autopilot hasn't been enabled on any Cybertruck. 

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So, if you've been waiting for a non-Foundation Series truck—or a European version—your day may come soon. 

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