If you’re currently leasing an EV (Tesla included) or have an active finance plan for one, Porsche is willing to give you up to three $1,500 credits to go towards the purchase or lease a brand-new Taycan. How many credits you receive depends on how much time is left on your existing Tesla lease, but if you’re currently considering switching to a Taycan, this is a great time to do it.

Get Fully Charged

The new Taycan is more expensive so any discount helps

If you're already leasing an EV but have been thinking of switching to a Porsche Taycan, which has become more expensive with the recent refresh, now is a great time to do it and get a discount through the Welcome to Porsche Conquest Program.

Through this unusually generous offer from Porsche, which is part of the "Welcome to Porsche" campaign, you can receive one credit if your remaining vehicle lease period is between 31 and 60 days, two credits if it’s between 61 and 90 days and three credits (that add up to $4,500) if you have between 91 and 180 days left.

The models eligible for the offer seem to vary from dealer to dealer, but the model-year 2023 and 2024 Taycan are on all the lists we found, which also include most of Porsche's combustion and hybrid vehicles. Hennessy Porsche North Atlanta says that to be eligible, the "existing competitive lease must mature within 180 days of your new Porsche lease contract date or proof that the competitive lease payoff must be remitted by Porsche dealer. Please note, it is not necessary to trade your existing lease to take advantage of this reward."

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Through the deal, Porsche will cover up to three monthly payments totaling $4,500. Even though other models are also included, it sounds like more emphasis is being put on selling Taycans. Furthermore, the recently unveiled heavily revised Porsche Taycan has gone up in price by about $8,500 (depending on the model), so any discount is welcome—you can option out a Taycan for almost $290,000.

The refreshed Porsche Taycan brings a host of improvements over the original, launched back in 2019. It is more efficient, more powerful and has bigger batteries that provide more range. The range-topping Taycan Turbo GT is the quickest road-going Porsche ever made, and it finally has enough power to worry the other two electric sedan heavyweights, the Tesla Model S Plaid and the Lucid Air Sapphire.

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