Rivian launched the R1 line of models with the R1T pickup in 2021, and like any self-respecting automaker, it’s giving the model a facelift after three years. The makeover is subtle, but the facelift will not only refresh the look of the truck but it should also bring some changes under the skin.

In this post by DrBluey on the Rivian Forums, we get a very good look at the updated model, in this case, an R1S SUV. Having the two trucks side by side makes it easy to spot the subtly redesigned light bar, which resembles the one on the smaller R2, and it makes the vehicle look a bit more modern.

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New light bar makes R1 look a lot sharper

With the revised light bar, Rivian wants to bring its R1 models more in line with the design it showcased on the smaller R2 model.

With this new light bar, the headlights also appear to be slightly different, and blinkers may have been moved from the oval light clusters into the outer parts of the light bar itself. The blue truck’s tow hooks in the lower bumper are part of an off-road package, and they will most likely be offered on the revised R1 trucks too—it’s not a facelift-related change.

The rear end appears to be identical to the pre-refresh R1S, featuring an unchanged light bar and bumper design.

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Revised R1s will also feature different wheel designs (which the black truck in the photos does not have but which we’ve already seen) and silver brake calipers instead of yellow. Inside, the original poster didn’t notice any changes—the updated truck had the same-design steering wheel and an identical dashboard—except for what looked like an updated wireless phone charger with a divider in the middle, which is good news since the one it currently equips its trucks has been cause for criticism from many owners.

Rivian may also give the revised truck an LFP battery, which may serve as the standard pack for base versions, and it could make the truck more affordable. Along with this new battery, the manufacturer is believed to also introduce a heat pump, which is a feature that its main electric pickup rivals (the Tesla Cybertruck, Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevrolet Silverado EV) all have as standard.

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There will probably be more changes made to the R1 line of models with the facelift, and all of them have already been implemented into production—dozens of revised R1S SUVs are already built and parked outside the factory—but we’ll have to wait to find out what they are when the manufacturer officially unveils the revised R1S.

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