Electric cars are already known for great straight-line acceleration, and top-performance EVs like the Tesla Model S tend to dominate their combustion engine counterparts at the drag strip. But you don’t see as much coverage of EVs competing in autocross. 

Because of this, many car fanatics tend to write off EVs as a “one trick pony.” But more EVs compete in autocross events than you'd think, although you’re more likely to see smaller, lightweight models with excellent handling and stickier tires. What you might not expect to see is a massive 6,600 lb Tesla Cybertruck competing against cars half its weight. 

However, as Teslarati reports, Cybertruck Owners Club forum member TeslaKen wouldn’t let that stop him from using his Cyberbeast to compete in the Porsche Club of America (PCA) autocross event.

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The Cybertruck posted the fifth-best time of the day against a number of more autocross-friendly vehicles like the Porsche 911, Cayman, and Taycan. TeslaKen says he really pushed the limits of the Cybertruck’s handling, which are “amazing for this size/weight vehicle.” He says he could have performed even better at the event in the future with better brakes and grippier tires.

TeslaKen's best time of 1:30.00 nabbed him the top 5 position. It should be noted that he is an experienced autocross driver who was at the event instructing new drivers. That experience and his familiarity with the Cybertruck certainly came in handy. However, the Cybertruck’s 4-wheel steering and steer-by-wire setup went a long way in making his two runs successful. Ford may be moving towards improved EV performance with the Mustang Mach-E Rally. But Tesla could have the perfect recipe for future EV autocross success here.

We would love to see him go back with a few upgrades to improve the performance in the future. Have you taken your car to any autocross events lately? What were you driving, and how did your car perform? Let us know in the comments below. 

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