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August 2019 News Archive

Vauxhall Corsa-e Featured In Fully Charged: Video

Ford Territory EV Crossover Enters Chinese Market At Under $28,000

Ford Exec: Iconic Models To Go Affordably Electric: F-150, Mustang

EV01 Wheels Vs Tesla Model 3 Aeros: Track Testing & Efficiency

Yamaha & Sony Jointly Developed Autonomous Electric Sociable Cart

Aptera Reveals Resurrection Details, Tech Specs: No Plans To Die Again

Exclusive Interview With Chris Anthony: Aptera’s CEO

MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 Gets 30% More Battery Capacity

Xcelerate Offers Extended Warranty Coverage For Teslas & Other EVs

Global EV Sales In July 2019: Growth Almost Stalled

How Will Tesla Insurance Manage To Be Cheaper Than Other Policies?

Successor Of The Mercedes-Benz Citan To Get Electric Version

Tesla Is Introducing Tesla Insurance Service, Promises Savings

Aptera Is Back: Most Efficient EV To Date With 1,000-Mile Range

California’s Progress On 5 Million ZEV By 2030: Q2 2019 Results

Could Tesla Model 3 Performance Match Taycan’s 24-Hr Endurance Record?

Consumer Reports Admits, The Electric Car Age Has Arrived

SEAT Announces Plug-In Hybrid Version Of Tarraco Large SUV

Is European Legislation Crippling Tesla Autopilot?

Cause Of Lithium Metal Battery Failure May Be Solved By New Study

See All The Slick And Wild EVs Revealed In Pebble Beach

Colorado Dealers Association President Talks Tesla & Future Of EVs

Did The Tesla Model 3 Advance The Fall Of The Toyota Prius?

ProLogium And NIO Join Forces On Solid-State Batteries For EVs

TeraWatt Technology's Solid-State Battery Checks In At 432 Wh/kg

Lotus Evija Makes Public Debut At Monterey Car Week: Videos

Tesla Pickup Truck (Model B?) Becomes More Real In Latest Image

Porsche Taycan Sets New Record (For Four-Door EVs) At Nürburgring

How Fast Can Tesla Model 3 Performance Really Go? Top Speed Secured

In July Tesla Superchargers Dispensed 72 GWh Of Electricity

Tesla Has Disrupted Over And Over: Next Up, Gas Stations

Was This Chrysler Dealership Right To Unplug Charging Tesla Model 3?

Electric Pickups: Rivian R1T, Ram, Ford & Tesla Top This Week's News

Gone In 30 Seconds: Watch A Tesla Model S Get Stolen In Seconds

Artega Is Forbidden To Show Karolino At The Frankfurt Motor Show

Tesla Sentry Mode Catches Ridiculous Double Door Ding

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus Battery Health / Degradation

Reserving Electric Vauxhall Corsa-e Cost Only £500 In UK

Drako GTE Revealed At Pebble Beach: Looks A Lot Like Fisker Karma

Rich Rebuilds Rat Rod Is Almost Ready To Rock

Electric Car Range Anxiety Still A Concern For Fleet Cars In UK

Hyundai Kona Revealed As World's First Electric Rally Car Project

Here's Precisely Why People Avoid Electric Cars

More On New Ad Campaign: $2 Billion To Promote EV Adoption

Steinbauer Reveals First-Ever Power Enhancing Module For Tesla

Tesla Sentry Mode Captures Double Car Keying: Let's Identify Vandal

Watch This Coal-Rolling Ram Go Crazy When A Tesla Is Spotted

More Charging Points Than Gas Stations? In UK There Is

2021 BMW iNEXT Electric SUV Returns In New Teasers

Electrify America Launches ‘Normal Now’ Marketing Campaign

Official: 2020 Chevy Bolt EV Goes 259 Miles Per Charge

Tesla Is Supercharging Itself Far Ahead Of All Others

Will Towing Bring Back EV Range Anxiety? Let's Find Out

Opel Announces ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup With Electric Corsa-e

Blue Bird Already Received Orders For Over 100 EV School Buses

Nextmove Refutes Tesla On Order Cancellation: With Documents

Elon Musk Says FSD Price Will Increase Only When Smart Summon Arrives

What’s Tesla’s Role In EV Expansion? Cox Shows It Is Massive

What Is Hampering EV Sales? Cox Gets Answers From Dealers

What Is Hampering EV Sales? Cox Gets Answers From Consumers

In Addition To Tesla Taxis, Amsterdam Has A Vast Variety Of EVs

Mercedes-Benz Presents Production 252-Mile EQV Electric Minivan

Porsche Taycan To Get Built-In Apple Music: See First Dashboard Teaser

Does Tesla Model 3 Have An Unbranded Bang & Olufsen Sound System?

See The Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Wearing Radical New Colors

Tesla Catches Fire In China, Automaker Blames Repair Shop

Volkswagen ID.3 Reservations Exceed 27,000

Pipistrel Alpha Electro G2 Electric Plane Falls From Sky In Norway

Why Did 'What Car?' Present Different EV Range Results From EPA?

Tesla Model 3 Leaves Smoking Diesels Behind: Race Video

Bad Driving May Have An Antidote: Tesla Autopilot, Perhaps?

Are Shorters Part Of Conspiracy To Kill Tesla? Why This Makes Sense

A Look Back At Jay Leno's Unwavering & Growing Support Of Tesla

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction Progress August 15, 2019: Video

Electric Pickups: Tesla Truck, Rivian R1T, Ram Top This Week's News

These Cheap Tesla Model 3 Door Seals Make A Huge Difference: DIY Video

Mysterious Identity Of Aston Martin Vanquish Buyer Revealed

CPUC Approves SDG&E's Plan To Install Chargers For Heavy-Duty EVs

Watch Tesla Model X Crash Again And Again In Wild Series Of Accidents

Tesla Is The King Of Social Media, No Need For An Advertising Budget

Tesla Pickup Truck In Detail: What To Expect At Reveal

Update: Nextmove Cancels Big Tesla Model 3 Order: Cites Quality, Paint Issues

2020 Drako GTE Revealed As Stunning 206-MPH EV Hypercar

Solaris Takes 25% Share Of European EV Bus Market This Year

Check Out The Largest Electric Ferry Boat In The World From The Inside

Here's How Tesla's Path To Self-Driving Cars Is So Much Different

BP Chargemaster Launches Its First 150 kW Chargers In UK

Volkswagen Shows Off ID. Buggy In California (w/Video)

Hyundai Hints At New EV Concept For Frankfurt Motor Show

Soft Magnets Promise To Make Electric Motors 3 Times Lighter

There Are Now More Charging Points Than Fuel Stations In UK

Spy Shots Hint That Toyota Is Testing RAV4 Plug-In Hybrid

Tarantino-Inspired "Death Proof" Tesla Model 3 Is Intriguing

XL Fleet Turns Ford F-150 Into Plug-In Hybrid For $9,000

Scraping By: How I Got My Tesla Model 3 Front Bumper Fixed

UPDATE: Chevrolet Menlo Electric Crossover Revealed

Learn A Lot About The Tesla Roadster In This Video

Electric Pickup Truck Not Likely From Ford & Rivian Tie Up

Why Has Tesla Halved New Car Warranty Periods in Australia?

Aston Martin Vanquish Was To Become A BEV If Detroit Electric Paid

It Appears Tesla May Get Into The Mining Business

All-New Renault ZOE Z.E. 50 In The Lens Of Fully Charged: Video

First Top Safety Pick+ BEV: Audi E-Tron, May Be Followed By Model 3

UK Government Doubles Funding For On-Street Charging

Remember The Solar Road In France? It Was A Disaster

How Does AWD Tesla Model 3 Behave With One Driving Wheel? Like A 4x4

After I-Pace, Jaguar Wants To Change Car Definition In Dictionary

Let's Take A New Look At Bollinger, Including Views Of B2 Pickup Truck

Believe Us: This Is Not The Microlino, It Is The Karolino

Watch Tesla Model S P100D Raven Beat Competitors At Drag Strip

InstaVolt Deploys 125 kW ChargePoint Express 250 Chargers

Pineapple Helps Tesla Model 3 Owner Implant Chip In Her Arm

Linear Labs Present The HET, A Revolutionary Direct-Drive Motor

Check Out The Prices And Available Options For The Microlino

NIO Sold Just 837 EVs In July 2019, But Completes Recall

Tesla Registers 25,000 New Model 3 VINs: Let's Decode Production

275-Mile Polestar 2 Makes U.S. Public Debut In San Francisco

What Happens To A Tesla When It Ages? It Goes to Gruber Motors

Venice Orders 30 Electric Buses From Solaris

Porsche Is Reinventing Its Main Plant To Handle Taycan Production

Ecotuned Provides More Details On Ford F-150 Electric Truck Conversion

Tesla Model 3 Hits Truck And Explodes: Reports Say Autopilot Was On

BMW Expands Its 530e Pilot Wireless Charging Program To U.S.

Electric Pickup Trucks: Tesla Model B, Rivian R1T Top This Week's News

Park In Charging Spot And Get Free Dismantling Of Your Tesla Model S

BMW Releases Specs Of New 530e & 530e xDrive PHEV

Tesla Robotaxi Getaway Car Imagined In Hilarious Video Skit

Tesla Hearse? Under Your Dead Body, Says Dutch Coachbuilder

Tesla Pickup Truck Highlights & Details Plus New Truckla Coverage

New Electric Rat Rod Lemonade Video Brings A Spoiler

Valmet Automotive To Produce EV Batteries In Former Nokia Plant

BMW Releases Specs Of New 225xe Active Tourer PHEV

Everything We Know About The 2,000 HP Lotus Evija (w/Videos)

Daimler To Partner With BJEV On 2nd-Life Battery Storage

UPDATE: Class Action Suit Cites 19 Issues With Tesla Software Update

Hyundai Kona Electric Road Trip Range Test: Can It Go Over 300 Miles?

Volkswagen Presents New Livery For ID.R Ahead Of China Challenge

Jay Leno's Garage Returns: Leno Touts Tesla, Says Gas Cars Will Die

Sumitomo Electric's SEVD-11U CHAdeMO Charges In Boost Mode

Fully Charged Tests Porsche Taycan Acceleration: Video

Tesla Model S Owner Files Lawsuit Against Restrictive Update

Tesla Stock Moving Sideways Again Despite Recent Tumble

VW: Tipping Point For Electric Cars Is Price Parity With Gas Cars

Got Model A Rat Rod And Broken Zero Motorcycle Lemons? Make Lemonade

Ford CEO Respects Tesla's Musk, But Calls Ford The Ultimate Disruptor

Rare-Earth Materials May Start Coming From Japanese Seafloor

See A Tesla Crash Scene Like You've Never Seen One Before

New Peugeot 208 On Sale In UK: Electric Version Priced From £25,000

Continental Powertrain Business To Focus On Electrification

Tesla Model S Works As Chase Car For U-2S Take-Off At RAF Base

Woman Steals Tesla Model S, Gets Arrested When It Runs Out Of Battery

Despite NHTSA Objections, Tesla Is Right To Claim Model 3 Is Safest

EV Connect Will Provide Dynamic Charge Station Data To GM

Russian Zetta City Module 1 Wants To Be World’s Cheapest Electric Car

Pininfarina Battista Ushers In New Range Of EVs In Its Frunk

In-Depth Analysis Of Tesla's Financial Situation

Carver Will Start Delivering Its Electric Leaning Machine In September

UPDATE: Honda Clarity PHEV Sales Now Limited To Only California

Tesla Pickup Truck Rendered In 20 Different Ways: Video

This Device "Doubles Your Charging Speed" By Duplicating Voltage

Port Of Auckland Orders World's First Full-Size Electric Tug

Impressed By The Finnish Tesla Model 3 Paint Problems? Hold My Beer

Tesla Electric Pickup Truck To Be Called Model B?

Nissan And EVgo To Install 200 Additional 100 kW Chargers In U.S.

Another Tesla Executive / Longtime Employee Leaves The Company

How Much Does A 4,000-Mile Tesla Model 3 Trip Cost On Supercharger?

Tesla V10 Software Update: Everything You Need To Know

Toroidion Is Alive And Kicking: Promises To Cause a Revolution

Can A Tesla Model X Work As A Service Truck?

Hispano Suiza Carmen Claims Barcelona Streets: And Its Own Brand

An(other) Open Letter To Tesla's Elon Musk

Despite Tesla's Success, July 2019 U.S. EV Sales Fail To Show Growth

Tesla Model 3 Cameras Catch Crash, Prove Car's Agility

Vauxhall Grandland X Hybrid4 SUV Gets Priced In UK

More On Tesla's Innovative New Wiring Architecture

Volkswagen I.D. R At The Nürburgring Used More Than 1 kWh/km

Finnish Goods Inspection Finds Tesla Model 3 Paint Is Soft And Thin

Gallery Update: Tesla Model 3 New EV Cannonball Run Record

Does Your Tesla Model 3 Stink? This Might Be The Fix

Watch Tesla Model 3 Crush Camaro, Suburban, S10, Grand Cherokee & More

Electric Pickup Trucks: Atlis XT, Rivian R1T, F-150 Top This Week's News

Nissan Teases Vehicle-To-Home Capability, Criticizes Tesla

EV Camper Rendering Based On Delivery Truck Previews Future Vanlife

Jaguar's New App Might Make I-Pace Ownership Easier

NIO And Razer Present ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition Electric SUV

Can Electric Ford F-150 Pickup Truck Really Tow 1 Million Pounds?

Monthly Plug-In EV Sales Scorecard: July 2019

Toyota Prius Prime Outsells Honda Clarity PHEV In U.S. In July 2019

Tesla Cars Less Likely To Be Stolen, But German Competitor Beats Them

Ex-Employee Tells What It's Really Like To Work For Tesla

'The Adventures Of Starman' Is A Big Hit Among Tesla & SpaceX Fans

Human Horizons Presented The Wrong Car: Meet The Concept H

Nissan LEAF Sales Drop Down In U.S. In July 2019

Audi Reveals New Entry-Level E-tron 50 Quattro SUV With Less Range

Rust Can Become A New Way Of Generating Electricity

Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Door Issue Discovered

What Happened To Toroidion And Its 1MW Hypercar?

Andrej Karpathy Talks Tesla Autopilot & Multi-Task Learning

InstaVolt Becomes The UK’s Biggest Owner-Operated DC Network

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