The reveal of the Tesla pickup truck (possibly called the Model B) is just a few months away, but ahead of its debut, we present this new render of the Tesla truck via Omar Rosaria who shared the image on Facebook.

One of the few remaining unknown pieces of the Tesla truck puzzle is its appearance. Tesla CEO Elon Musk released a lone teaser of the truck and stated that it would take on a sci-fi appearance and be a bit polarizing, but beyond that, all else is unknown in regards to styling of the Tesla truck.

This latest render, though a bit less angular than the teaser released by Musk (see below), is probably quite close to what we'll see when Tesla reveals the truck. The traditional Tesla styling cues are mostly all in place and we rather enjoy the look of this truck.

Tesla truck teaser

Outside of appearance, much of the other details on the Tesla truck are know. See below for more info on the Tesla pickup.


According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the upcoming Tesla truck will have a target price of under $50,000. Musk stated:

 “You should be able to buy a really great truck for $49k or less.”

We find it hard to believe that this price point is even possible, but that's the target. Here's more from Musk on the price topic:

“We don’t want it to be really expensive. I think its got to start at less than $50,000 – it’s got to be like $49,000 starting price max. Ideally less. It just can’t be unaffordable. It’s got to be something that’s affordable. There will be versions of the truck that will be more expensive, but you’ve got to be able to get a really great truck for $49,000 or less.”

Performance And Specs

The Tesla truck will make the Ram seem toy-like and will beat the Ford F-150 too. Lofty goals, but Tesla really never fails to deliver on the performance front.

In top-level trim, the Tesla truck should boast a range of between 400 and 500 miles, possibly more. As one might suspect, it will be all-wheel drive with a motor for each axle. Musk also noted that the suspension will dynamically adjust according to its load. Being electric and a truck means it will have gobs of torque. Musk once tweeted that it could tow 300,000 pounds.

Some additional features include 240-volt power for all of your work tools, a unique drop-down tailgate and it will parallel park automatically & have 360-degree cameras & sonar.

We're excited for the reveal of the Tesla truck and hopefully, it still happens this year as promised. The truck could surely be Tesla's top seller, especially if somehow it starts at under $50,0000.

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