Which electric pickup truck will come to market first: Tesla truck, Rivian R1T, or some iteration of the F150?

Tesla has been touting a battery-electric pickup truck for some time. But, there's still no official reveal or name, etc. Ford says it will soon offer a plug-in hybrid and/or all-electric F-150, but again, who really knows when. Rivian has wooed fans with its R1T pure-electric pickup truck, which is not going to directly compete with many current ICE models for a variety of reasons. However, as many project, it may work to kick some major butt in the premium pickup truck market.

Sullins owns a few EVs, but he also has a 1999 Toyota Tacoma, since it's still a must with his family situation. Sadly, there are no real options for an electric truck to this day. But, since 2013, trucks have outsold all other vehicles. Not to mention the Ford F-Series has topped all in terms of sales for a number of years, as well as overall.

Ben points out that Tesla likely won't ever choose to release a vehicle that will not work to top all other rivals. As a new automaker with a limited amount of cash on hand, it may have no other choice. Despite the fact that Ford is top dog in the segment, there's no true electric vehicle in the works, at least as far as the company hasn't officially unveiled it.

Rivian has officially shown that its upcoming electric R1T truck is the real deal. It has also talked about pricing and timelines. In addition, Amazon has offered up an investment, GM may be on board as well, and the company already has a working production facility. Meanwhile, Ford hasn't offered much of anything, nor has Tesla.

Which all-electric pickup truck will prevail? Will it even matter once Tesla and Ford bring their EV trucks to market? Take a look at the video and let us know your take in the comment section.

Video Description via Teslanomics with Ben Sullins via YouTube:

Will Tesla Pickup Beat Ford and Rivian?

Tesla, Rivian, and Ford are all racing to deliver an Electric Truck first, but who will win?

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