Electric Hummer By Kreisel Makes Its Driving Debut – Video

It returned, as promised. Kreisel Electric released a new spot with its red all-electric Hummer H1 EV in operation (for a few moments anyway), the massive electric vehicle was unveiled few weeks ago by Arnold Schwarzenegger (aka The Terminator). Given the efficiency realities of such a big, heavy and largely brick-shaped…

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Volkswagen To Invest $1.7 Billion Into Electric Trucks, Buses

Much like its German automotive rival Daimler, Volkswagen is planning to go big with its electric and automated truck and bus plans.  In total, VW Truck & Bus will invest some €1.4 billion ($1.7 billion) into electric power-trains, autonomous systems and cloud-based software. The company intends to develop its own electric…

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Panoz Green4U Unveils Pair Of Electric, 230 Mile, SIX-Door SUVs

When you think Panoz, an all-electric six door beast probably doesn’t first come to mind; but that is what Don Panoz, Green4U’s chairman and co-founder has put in motion, calling on “three decades of high-level motorsports design”. In fact, Green4U Technologies is actually presenting two six-door SUVs – the Enova and the…

6 days ago by Mark Kane 18

This Might Just Be A Tesla Semi Mule – Video

This super-quick electric semi is more than likely a Tesla Semi test mule. Yes, it could be any semi right? Well, first of all, it’s almost surely electric. You can hear the brakes and other vehicles in the area, but when this “beast” accelerates, it’s not only ridiculously silent, but…

1 week ago by Steven Loveday 41

Bollinger Releases New B1 Electric Truck Video

More off-roading footage of the Bollinger B1 reminds us that the B1 would be our apocalypse vehicle of choice. Bollinger Motors has, recently, put out a number of videos showing off its unique all-electric sports utility truck (SUT). There was the footage of the truck’s launch event, and a couple clips…

1 week ago by Domenick Yoney 10

Tesla Semi Rendered Based Off Of Recent Sighting

The electric big rig will make its debut on November 16. Rumors and reports of a new Tesla electric semi-truck have been long in the making. The big rig was first announced late last year by CEO Elon Musk, and alleged leaked photos of it in the sheet metal were posted on Reddit as recently as last week. With all…

1 week ago by Jeff Perez 21

Tesla Semi

Musk Says Tesla Semi Specs Are Better Than Reported

We’ve really only got one spec to go on, so Tesla CEO Elon Musk must be referring to that. Tesla’s soon-to-be-revealed Semi is still shrouded in secrecy. In fact, the only reported figure we’ve come across is a range estimate. The upcoming Tesla semi truck is expected to have 200 to…

1 week ago by Eric Loveday 28

Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi Reveal Pushed Back To November 16

Tesla won’t reveal its much-anticipated semi until November 16 now. That’s a couple weeks later than the October 26 date found on the recent “Save The Date” emails sent out by Tesla. And it’s nearly two months behind the originally promised September 28th date: Why the delay? According to Tesla…

2 weeks ago by Eric Loveday 112

Tesla Semi

Possible First Image Of Tesla Semi Surfaces

This may be our first real look at the highly anticipated Tesla Semi, though perhaps it’s a fake. The embedded image above is photoshopped, no doubt about it. But what you’re seeing is the aero top portion photoshopped onto what’s believed to be the actual Tesla semi (link to original…

2 weeks ago by Eric Loveday 16