Could B actually be connected to Elon Musk's Blade Runner reference

Model B would be an expected designation for the upcoming Tesla truck, but there might be a bit of evidence to support this theory.

It's no secret that Tesla is working on an electric pickup truck. In fact, Musk often touts that this is his favorite Tesla project. However, we've yet to receive any indication as to what it will be called. Sticking with Tesla's typical Model plus a letter designation, you might guess the truck would be called the Tesla Model T. Well, that's a Ford trademark, so another name will need to be put into use.

In steps Tesla Model B. This might be a bit of a stretch, but there's some suggestion via Twitter that Musk is actually hinting at this. Here are the tweets:


Why all the bees? We're not sure, but a bit later on we got tipped in regards to another tweet. Here it is:


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Hmm...could the truck be called the Model B just so that the result is B S3XY? That's not outside the realm of what Elon Musk would do. What do you think? If not B, what will the Tesla truck be called? 

Here's some known info on the Tesla truck:

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the upcoming Tesla truck will have a target price of under $50,000. Musk stated:

 “You should be able to buy a really great truck for $49k or less.”

Musk added that the capabilities of the Tesla truck will be unmatched, though its appearance might be a bit over-the-top for a typical truck buyer. 

In the past, Musk commented on the abilities of the Ram truck, stating that it'll be more or less toy-like compared to the Tesla truck. Range of the Tesla truck is expected to be around 500 miles. The unveiling is set for sometime later this year.  Musk once tweeted that it could tow 300,000 pounds.

Regarding the look, there's been any number of renders of a possible Tesla truck produced over the past couple of years, but we've yet to see the actual truck to really have an idea of what it will look like, though Musk does say it'll have a certain sort of sci-fi appearance.

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