To say the Tesla truck is highly anticipated may even be a big understatement. It's our belief that Tesla's upcoming electric pickup is perhaps the single most anticipated vehicle of all time.

The full reveal is set for sometime later this year (no specific date announced yet), but believe it or not, there isn't a whole lot of unknown regarding the truck. In fact, as our recent post titled "Tesla Pickup Truck: Everything We Know, Including Price, Range & More" points out, the only real unknown is the truck's appearance.

This new video on the Tesla truck lays out all the known details exceptionally well. Even the video description takes us through each and every known major bit of news connected to the electric pickup.

But beyond that, there's some additional speculation as to what Tesla will show/reveal at the big truck launch event. Like, for example, several versions (2 or 3) of the Tesla truck will likely be announced and we'll finally learn its name, perhaps Model B.

But most importantly, we'll see what it looks like and this is the real unknown. The looks will be the make it or break it decider for the Tesla truck and we sure hope it's stunning. Otherwise, Rivian will likely score a major win with it's stunning R1T electric pickup truck.

Grab a look at the video for more on the Tesla truck.

Video description via Alex Sibila on YouTube:

Tesla has yet to formally announce the official date for its pickup truck event, but that hasn’t stopped the hype from building over the past few months. Tesla is expected to hold the event in the next month or so, and I think it will prove to be a historic vehicle for the company. They’ve revealed very little about the truck so far, so here’s what I expect they will reveal on the release day.

Before you watch this video I would suggest you go check out my other video on the Tesla truck where I talk about everything we actually know about the truck. That will give you a bit more context for this video, today I’m just previewing what I think we’ll hear about during the event.

So first off, and I think this is definitely the biggest one, is the final design of the car. All we have right now is the teaser image from the Model Y event, and a ton of mockups. Like a lot. And no, none of them are what it will look like. Only Tesla knows. With that being said, I think it will have a similar form factor to the Honda Ridgeline, it's got a very sloped front end that could accommodate the teaser image we saw earlier.

Though I don’t think the styling will be anything like a traditional truck - way more Sci-Fi. I’m curious how well this will appeal to “traditional” truck owners. I think anyone that currently owns a Tesla and is looking for a heavier duty vehicle will absolutely love it, but people that currently own a nice truck are going to need some more convincing.

Along with the design, we will also learn the official name of this vehicle. So far it's only been referred to as the “Tesla pickup truck” or “Tesla Truck” so they may just stick with that, however they could also follow the Model naming convention and call it the Model B or something like that. Elon has been tweeting a lot of bees recently, so who really knows at this point.

We’ll also hear about the different configurations of the vehicle, along with the different price points. We know it will start at under $50k, but that will likely be for the base model. Like their other vehicles, it will come in additional trims with added features or performance. It looks like Tesla is starting to move towards 2-3 different trims for all of their vehicles, and I would expect the truck to do the same. There will be a base model, a mid tier, and performance model.

For every trim Tesla will talk about the different features and specs for each trim, and the biggest question mark here is definitely range. Trucks are typically used for two things: towing and hauling. Both add weight and will almost certainly affect range. So I hope Tesla gives some figures on how towing could affect range in the truck. This is really important information and could make or break some people’s decision to buy the vehicle. This truck is sure to have some incredible towing capacity, just because it is electric and will have some insane torque.

I really hope Tesla does some sort of response to Ford’s electric F-150 as well. The video of their prototype towing 1M+ pounds went pretty viral so if Tesla shows a video of their prototype towing even more, that would be a huge slap in the face to Ford, especially because Elon has said multiple times that the Tesla truck will be a “better truck than the Ford F-150”.

So those are just a few of my thoughts on what to expect at the Tesla truck event, let me know down in the comments below what you think we’ll learn. And if you enjoyed this video make sure you hit that like button and subscribe so you don’t miss any of my future coverage of Tesla.

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