You are probably already tired of hearing that Elon Musk believes to be on the edge of offering autonomous vehicles. And that they will become appreciating assets due to that. But, if he is right – and he normally is, even with delays – there is a much bigger problem around the corner: local legislation. One that Steven Peeters addresses in this video.

Perhaps the fully autonomous Tesla will be immediately available in the US as soon as it is ready. Or it may take a little time to have legislation in place to allow it to be used, but what about other countries? What about Europe, with its UNECE legislation?

UNECE is known for its safety standards. They have defined biomechanical requirements to protect people back in 1995. The sad news is that they are still not followed in most other countries, especially developing ones. But is UNECE right when it comes to autonomous cars or even just some autonomous functions, such as the ones offered by Autopilot?

Steven Peeters does not think so. And he made this very comprehensive video on the problems the European legislation poses. He claims it actually makes Autopilot more dangerous and less usable than it should be. He even made a petition to ask European regulators to change that. You can find its link on the video description below.

What will Tesla do when it achieves full autonomous capabilities for its cars? Will it have a lobby to change legislation in all countries where its cars are sold? Will it just show what they can do and hope for the best? Let us know what you think of this imbroglio on the comments below.

Video Description via Steven Peeters on YouTube:

In this video I investigated the UN/ECE r79 regulation concerning the limitation that AutoPilot has in Europe. I'll dive really deep into the legal requirements and bring that back to the actual implications for the AutoPilot system. I also go over the actual formula's that are being used and how they are applied in the real world.

With this I hope everyone understands why we are so upset over here in Europe. We really need to do something about this, because as you will see, these regulations make AutoPilot a lot more dangerous than what it actually needs to be, just because of the fact that the system gets artificially limited while the technological capabilities far outreach the current regulation.

If you want to help out, please share this video as much as possible to raise the awareness all over the world and don't forget to sign this petition that has been set up specifically to try to counteract or change these regulations:

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