Tesla boasts that its Supercharging network noted in July 2019 more than 2 million charging sessions and dispensed 72 GWh of energy.

Monthly results are probably at least several times higher than any other charging network we believe as Tesla expanded its network to 1,604 stations and 14,081 stalls. Customer base, on the other hand, increased beyond 700,000. Another factor that adds to growth is the charging power, which recently increased to 150 kW and in case of new V3 Superchargers to 250 kW (but those are rare still).


The average amount of energy dispensed per charging session in less than 36 kWh.

If we compare the number of sessions and the cumulative number of Tesla cars sold, it turns out that on average, Tesla drivers charge close to 3 times per month. The average monthly usage is at around 100 kWh or a full charge of the Long Range Model S/Model X (100 kWh).

In the case of charging stations, one station on average delivers some 45 MWh per month (1.5 MWh per day) through around 1,250 sessions (41 per day).

Per stall, it is on average over 5.1 MWh per month (170 kWh per day) through 142 sessions (over 4.7 per day).

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