Have you ever heard of a bricked Tesla? Most of the people commenting on this new video from the Out of Spec Motoring YouTube channel seem to have never heard of one. Lucky situation: to hear about a problem and its solution at the same time. For bricked or dead Tesla cars, Gruber Motors claims to have a way to fix them. In fact, more than one.

This video is a presentation of this interesting company, which started its activities in a very unpretentious way. After buying a Tesla Roadster, Pete Gruber, the founder, showed it to one of his engineers from another company.

This other enterprise used to fix UPS units, or uninterruptible power supply, also known as no-breaks. When he explained to this field engineer what the black box on the back of the Roadster was – the inverter – the engineer said they could fix that. And they indeed could. And have been doing so ever since.

Gruber Motors has then expanded and is now on an 8,000 ft² main building in Phoenix, Arizona. But it seems to be way bigger, something we’ll probably get to know on the next videos about the company.

On this one, Gruber gives us some very interesting info on the Roadster, such as why it bricks in the first place. He also mentions the Roadster was not conceived to be serviced, which leads us to two consider two hypotheses. 

The first is that Tesla also did not take itself seriously, something Elon Musk accuses mainstream automakers of doing to Tesla. The second is that the company simply had no idea how to make a “serviceable car”. Gruber suggests a simple way in which that could have happened in the video.

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Besides servicing and fixing Roadster units, Gruber Motors is also buying Model S cars that were involved in floods and hurricanes. The company expects to be able to put them to work again, which is not unlikely considering their knowledge of electronics.

This is the sort of video that is really worth watching entirely. And waiting for the next videos of the series. Who knows if you will not decide to have a Roadster in the future? Or if your old Tesla will ever have a problem that only Gruber will be able to fix? You’d better get to know it right now.

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