When we started watching this new The Fast Lane Car video, we were sure it was about an electric pickup truck. Perhaps an Ecotuned conversion. But we learned that Rick Nowakowski, from the Secure-All Company, in Colorado, was really talking about using his Tesla Model X 75D as a service truck. Or SUV, to be more precise.

The fact is that the entrepreneur not only found it very useful to have the electric vehicle like a service truck. He also is probably wondering why he has not done so much earlier, for what the video presents.

Nowakowski goes into a lot of details in his talk to The Fast Lane Car YouTube channel. And the advantages presented by the Model X go way beyond the obvious ones, such as requiring much less attention with maintenance.

Electric cars do not require oil changes. Running on electricity is also much cheaper than doing so with gas. Their brakes last much longer than the ones in regular cars. Perhaps tires last less, due to weight and more torque on the wheels, but that is not an issue the entrepreneur has complained about.

Nowakowski has traded a Toyota Supra and a Toyota Tundra for the Tesla Model X and he does not regret the decision, not even a bit. Check his response to what he thinks is a disadvantage on having and using a Model X in the video. And share your comments about it with us.

Speaking much more about the video or even the solutions Nowakowski has developed for the Model X will probably take away all the fun in watching it yourself. Have a look at the video and see why the entrepreneur believes the Model X makes for a terrific service truck.

With a 44-year-old company in his family for three generations, he must know what he is talking about. And he is probably anxious to see the new Tesla pickup truck.

Video description via The Fast Lane Car on YouTube:

Does the Tesla Model X really cut it as a work truck? Rick shows us how he used his to take over the duties of a more conventional truck.

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