The above video is comprised of lengthy and detailed drone footage of the aftermath of a crash involving a Model S, a white boxy SUV, and another vehicle. The vehicle with the most damage appears to be a Kia Soul or Scion xB, so perhaps it's not officially an SUV? Thankfully, as far as we understand, the victims survived. As you can see, the road is never closed, and that's always a good sign.

We aren't sharing this just because there's a Tesla in it, though we will admit that's how we happened upon it. We were searching for content and checking out some recent Tesla YouTube videos and this particular video sort of fell in our lap. We found ourselves glued to the screen, watching intently, so we felt compelled to share.

The Model S appears to be pretty well intact. It may have rear-ended the white vehicle, but there's no way of knowing for sure. You can actually see what might be a piece of the Tesla's front end attached to the back of the white car, but it also appears as if the bottom of the vehicle is red, so it's hard to tell. While the white, boxy car is definitely in rougher shape, only it's front end and rear end are impacted. The passenger compartment looks like it's still in decent shape, although the drivers-side rear seat took the most beating.

You can see that the responders have to use Jaws of Life at one point to get access to that area of the vehicle. Meanwhile, two officers are holding a clipboard and appear to be patiently talking to the driver. If that's true, that's could be another indication that the victims are okay. Keep in mind, we are just speculating at this point, and would appreciate your observations and input.

We're currently searching for more information about this crash and will provide an update to the story if we're able to glean further details. If you know anything or are able to track anything down, please share it with us in the comment section below or send us an email.

Video Description via Frank765 Galindo on YouTube:

Tesla car crash Gilroy California

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