When we first told you the sad story of Joni Savolainen with his brand-new Tesla Model 3, we knew he did not need the aid of the goods inspection of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce to realize how bad things were with his car. He just needed someone to attest that for courts. Savolainen had enough time to get the whole picture. And it is ugly.

That first video dates from May 18. On July 21st, Savolainen shot the video above presenting all the areas in his car that lacked proper painting. The video starts in Finnish, then he gives his only words in English explaining what is its purpose. All the rest is self-explanatory.

There are rusting parts. There is exposed primer on the doors, trunk hinges, back of the quarter panels, in the base of the A and C pillars and, surprisingly, also of the doors. Finally, there's completely naked steel in some points, probably due to the fact that the paint in his car is thin and soft, as the goods inspection declared. 


In this other video, Savolainen checks a friend’s car. Although it is entirely in Finnish, and has no subtitles, put it in mute in case you are not familiar with the language or simply feels it uncomfortable to listen. But don't miss the footage.

His friend’s luck is even lower than his. The rockers present rust signals and all the other problems his car had, but this video is more important due to its description than due to its images.

Impressed By The Finnish Tesla Model 3 Paint Problems? Hold My Beer

Savolainen says in the title his inspection is a clear proof that there is a “Tesla, Fremont robots’ failure on programming”. As an IT guy, he may know what he is talking about, but presents no evidence to support that. If you know Savolainen, ask him to get in touch with us.

The unhappy Finnish Model 3 owner also posts nine links of forum discussions, videos and even news regarding the problem. It seems to be much more serious in Canada, where the Model 3 units are not so recent as the ones delivered in Finland and, therefore, are more prone to rust. Check the video below and remember your French classes.


This news comes from TVA Nouvelles and was broadcasted last May 17. It tells the sad story of Roger-Pierre Gravel. He was one of the first Quebeckers to order a Model 3 and paid CND$60,000 ($45,200) for it. After only one year of use, his EV is as damaged as the images show. Pretty bad for such a new car, actually.

“The vehicle is poorly designed. It is the debris on the road that will hit the rear wing and make the paint peel," he said TVA Nouvelles. And that is confirmed by Guillaume André, one of the owners of Véhicules Électriques Simon André, an EV-specialized shop.

Impressed By The Finnish Tesla Model 3 Paint Problems? Hold My Beer

André does not know that solely by watching Model 3 units with this problem enter his shop. "It happened on my own vehicle after only 5,000 km. The problems are the shape and design. The wheels project the rocks over the entire length of the vehicle. The paint flakes and it makes the vehicle rust.” 

His solution was fitting mudflaps to his Model 3. But that will not be enough for this client. At least not now.

Impressed By The Finnish Tesla Model 3 Paint Problems? Hold My Beer

Just like Savolainen, Gravel wants to sue Tesla for the damages. "It's premature wearing! My vehicle has only run 35,000 km. I've only had one year. There are many other manufacturers who make cars that drive in Québec and we do not see this kind of damage.”

Savolainen and Gravel have created a Facebook group with affected owners – with 528 members, so far – and a group complaint at NoNoNo.com against the EV manufacturer. "Evidently, Tesla is claiming these issues are not within its warranty. We find this disrespectful towards customers," they say in the group complaint.

The snowball is getting bigger, Tesla. Being different from most automakers is not only doing a different car but treating customers differently as well. Better, preferably.

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